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Pentucket Regional Senior High School Reviews

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Pentucket Regional High School is an incredibly school with great teachers that are willing to work with students both before and after school most days of the week. They are incredibly kind, understanding, and great teachers. When they are not teaching class, the staff members are at all school sponsored events, such as dances, fundraisers, and pep rallys. One of the best things about PRHS is the ability to strive to become a student who both challenges them-self yet feels comfortable in all environments.
The community at Pentucket is very close knit. There is a universal care for one another. The academic courses are reigorous, challenging, and informative. They prepare the students for college and the outside world. However, the building is very old and run down, I would like to see them renovate.
Pentucket has great teachers and administration who readily provide students with opportunities to succeed.
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Its a great school. While the campus and building may not be great, the teachers are fantastic! They are all hard working and very devoted to their jobs.
The teachers at Pentucket set you up for success. They are passionate about the subjects they teach and will stay after school with you if needed. I would say that they prepared me for college. Pentucket offers a range of AP classes to take while starting to add even more classes. The sports offered at Pentucket are also really good. Pentucket athletes are always known for having great sportsmanship. Pentucket does have some flaws. The building is in need of a major overhaul. The parking fee of $180 is insane. Where does the money even go? The food, while barely edible, needs to be more nutritious. Even the Wi-fi doesn't work half the time. If Pentucket addresses its flaws, then it will be a place that has a world-class education with a small town flair.
Pentucket High School offered a variety of challenging classes ranging from Honors to AP. I believe I got a very good education there, and I enjoyed the athletic program. The teachers are good, across the board, and most are very passionate about their jobs. A positive is that the high school just added a permanent police officer on the premises. I feel a lot more safe now. The big problem with Pentucket is the facility. It is falling apart, and the sports facilities are poor as well. We desperately need a new high school. Additionally, the computers and internet are awful. The school needs a complete overhaul.
I had a good experience at Pentucket. Many students will make fun of Pentucket for having bad facilities i.e. heating, bathrooms etc. , but overall the teachers and academics are far above the average public high school in the country. School spirit is unmatched and the social environment was minimally "cliquey"- most students were generally friendly with one another.
Academically, Pentucket is a great school. It offers a wide variety of unique classes as well as traditional classes and AP courses. The teachers are very committed and passionate. However, the facilities need immense repairs. The atmosphere, materials, and food make Pentucket an uncomfortable and unproductive environment to be in. Overall, Pentucket needs to be renovated but the academics are its best asset.
My expereince at Pentucket has been a long yet exciting journey. I have enjoyed my four years at the school. It could even count as 4 and a half. The school staff and coaches were so kind and welcoming that, as an 8th grader, I was able to join the varsity cheerleading and the freshman softball team. It only just began my four year career as an enthusiastic and determined varsity athlete. The school takes sports quite seriously and everyone is passionate about what they do. And after a long day of learning and contributing to an academic atmosphere, there are an incredible amount of after school activities to keep one involved and still active. Pentucket is a school I wish that i never had to leave.
Pentucket has small town feel that i would not trade. Walking down the hallway, everyone knows each other and has a smile on there face. Even though I love the sense of community, the building itself is not good. Its extremely old and the textbooks all date back to before we were born. But, the teachers make the best of the situation given and I feel that I have gotten a good education.
I believe Pentucket is a good school. They have prepared me for college and are always willing to help me in a time of need. Pentucket likes to make sure everyone is included so they suggest getting into a club or sport to meet new people. Thanks to field hockey I was able to make a lot more friends and feel more welcome in the school my freshman year. The librarian is always able to help with your papers or projects and she is a valuable resource. There is not much diversity and it’s an old building. I’m still really happy I went here throughout high school.
A mixed bag of teachers who care and those who are lazy or have poor personalities. Those who care can create an amazing learning environment, while those who don't can cause toxic classrooms.
The things I liked about Pentucket was that the teachers were there to help you and wanted to see you succeed. Somethings I would like to see change would be to update the school for future students and have the teachers be able to get the supplies they need without them having to buy it themselves.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Pentucket Regional Senior High School. However, I would have enjoyed it more with better facilities. The school is very old and we need a new one.
Overall Pentucket Regional High School was an interesting experience for myself. Pentucket didn't have the greatest building or the newest technology, but it did have some of the best teachers. Now these teachers did not just teach us about science or math, they taught us about the real world and what to expect when we were facing a difficult problem.
When I first came to Pentucket Regional High School, I was a little skeptical because of my experience with the middle school in the Pentucket Regional School District. However, I have come to love and appreciate this school. Though the faculties are not completely up-to-date, the teachers there are so fun and really want us to learn while having fun. The school community itself is a tight-knit group with a lot of school spirit. Games are always well attended. There are a variety of clubs and sports that one can join so there is something for everyone. Quite recently, the school has added new classes that one can take and they feature multiple topics ranging from video game design to bioethics. There are 13 AP classes to take if one wants to get ready for college. In the performing arts sense, there are numerous opportunities to perform on stage or compete.
This high school has significantly improved during the time that I've been here. Although there are always some things that could be worked on (i.e. a major renovation on the building), for the most part I enjoyed my high school career here. The school spirit and variety of classes offered make for a great experience!
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Pentucket is a school that has very good academics, good variety of classes, and very friendly faculty. The school is lacking in the resources available for some departments, but it is a very good school overall.
High school was an experience that I will never forget. I made so many great people that made it hard to move on and showed me what true relationships were about. I was a three sport athlete which kept me motivated and involved within the school. I became close with the team and all the coaches, and at the end of my four years it made it hard to say goodbye. The faculty there were always helpful and made me feel prepared for whatever was coming my way. I feel as though Pentucket school district has developed me into the person that I am today and made me feel ready to take on my new path at college.
I've loved Pentucket and everything it has had to offer me. I feel very prepared for college and many graduated students have said the same. The only downside is the building and access to new technology. However, I wouldn't want another high school experience.
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