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Pensacola high school is a very diverse school with many different social aspects. The cleanliness of the school is highly questionable, some teachers and staff are very rude and unprofessional. But, some are the opposite. Super friendly and caring. Many different classes are offered to fit each students needs.
I attended the IB Program in PHS therefore my perspective on academics will be based on the IB Program. The work is rigorous and a really good work ethic is needed to be able to succeed in the program. In terms of facilities, there definitely needs to be some major changes. Several of the equipment used in school needs to be updated.
My high school experience at PHS has been the best. I have blossomed into a new person since freshman year. Getting involved in clubs improved my learning and social skills. There is a lack in school spirit but this school year Student Government has been finding different ways to improve it. The teachers I've had were the best and wanted you to put your best foot forward in anything you did. The guidance counselor for my class (2020) was amazing all four years and such a big help. The campus could be cleaner. I've had no problems with our administration.
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I liked how it assists with college and provides credits that you need in college, specifically in the general education requirements.
The IB Program has excellent academics and teachers, but poor administration. PHS itself is a good school, but is too divided - at little fault of the students.
If you are in the IB program, PHS is a great school that fosters many amazing opportunities for students. However, for students in the traditional school system, education and opportunity is a nightmare. These students lack adequate educators and the possibility to achieve greater opportunities for themselves. My ratings are based on the characteristics of the IB program within PHS.
Pensacola High School has a very strong sense of tiger pride among the staff and most of the students. The campus has nice and useful amenities such as the renovated auditorium and the only high school in the area with a real football field. It also harbors the IB program and many AP and honors classes and I feel as though I received a great education from this school. However, some factors I did not enjoy included the set of rules that made it feel as though you are in a prison. During one year, we were only allowed to use the restroom between classes which is not always enough time.
Let me tell you, I am so glad to be graduating.
But my experience at PHS (IB) hasn't been all bad - some stellar teachers, wonderful friends for whom I am extremely grateful, and (now funny) memories of cramming for deadlines or surprising oneself with the sheer workload.
But it's been pretty horrible - administration, safety, overall condition of the school, and the HUGE divide between the school itself and the IB Program.
Going to this school has changed me as a person and as a learner - not all in good ways, however.
Before and (hopefully) after the Program, my love of learning still survives. But it was, along with motivation, sanity, etc., etc., nearly lost throughout the Program. And I am not the minority in this.

I hope future classes will have a better experience.
Pensacola catholic high is a good school I came as a transfer and honesty best choice I made I came in my 10 grade year from escambia high everyone at this school is a family what I would like too see changed more new equipment
The teachers are nice. The food is okay. Some people are friendly. It's nice participating in Key Club.
I love how you can make your own schedule and the academic advisors are so in tuned with the students and love to help. Overall the school is great and I have no complaints.
Pensacola High School has such a diverse group of students, teachers, faculty and staff who all come together as one for better education environments and the betterment of the school.
Pensacola High School is an average school that definitely could use some improvement all around, the IB program keeps it going but is going downhill each year.
As a student in the IB program, PHS has given the student body many opportunities to showcase talents and see personal growth.
I've met great people at this school being in the IB Program. But, within the school itself, I would like to see a cleaner campus mostly. Also, specifically at pep rallies the school holds, they should invest into a better sound system because their current one is very ear-ripping and too loud. The school spirit is okay, but they should try to find different ways to improve it as the other schools within our district have better school spirit. Being only restricted in the IB Program, the teachers within the program are nice but I cannot speak for the teachers outside of the program. Overall, I believe the school should invest into a renovation project and rebuild its image.
The school is small size which makes it very enjoyable. You get to have a personal relationship with your teachers and everybody knows everybody.
I am now a senior at Pensacola high. My experience from freshman year till now made me grow a lot as a person and academically. I love how aware the teachers are to make sure your actually learning. The counselors are great at informing you about getting on track to Graduate. What I would like to see change at PHS would be , the favoritism the deans have for students and dress code or students in general.
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I had fun meeting new people at the school, and it was relatively better than my previous school. I changed a lot throughout my high school years, but the school did not change that much. They spend on things that are questionable, such as TVs for every room including 2 or 3 for the lunch room, but they don't invest in things such as new water filters or provide incentives for teachers to actually teach.
Pensacola High School was awesome as far as most teachers and the overall foundation. only negatives to this school would be some of the staff there were rude and didn't care about student education.
The IB program was one of the best decisions I could have made, but the administration of the school was more than disappointing. The hiring of unqualified instructors for the IB program was a big issue. Also, the administration only seemed to be concerned with a major legal issue I had with the school when they weren't sure if I was going to involve them or not. Once they knew I wasn't going to sue them, it was swept under the rug and not brought up again. However, the teachers are great, and the environment has been relatively pleasant in my four years here.
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