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Pensacola High School gives many students a different high school experience than the majority of students in our nation get. It is a very diverse school, located in a more poverish part of Pensacola, but still has a lot of school spirit. Pensacola High School has an International Baccalaureate Program, which brings in a lot of students from different parts of Pensacola. There is a little bit of a division between the IB students and the traditional students, because they do not take classes together, but overall there is little tension and we all are able to bond over being PHS Tigers. Like many high school students would say, there are ups and downs during the high school years, but high school really is what you make of it, and PHS really strives to help students have a memorable 4 years.
Pensacola High School is unlike any other school I have seen. Unlike many other schools, Pensacola High has a terrible learning environment and teachers. The administration does not provide any support and refuses to aid students in college readiness. I had no idea of the amazing scholarships that were available to everyone.
While in the IB program at Pensacola High school I have met various interesting and fun people who are in similar situations and have a engaged mindset. This has caused my experience outside of school in and certain classes to be very fun and full of learning through interesting experiences.
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As a senior at Pensacola High school and in my last year of the IB program, the high school has given me a preparedness for life after high school.
Most of the classes are well taught. However there are a few teachers here that either don't care about teaching at all or are just lazy. I have a teacher this year that merely shoves books at us, no instruction needed. There also are quite a few teachers who speak their minds politically and racially. However, most of my experience at the school has been positive; with enjoyable classes, fun out of school events, and nice people.
It was a great time socially but dealing with admin was horrible and the classes offered didn't benefit me as I needed them to. It's a good school for people who are lost, but not anyone who knows what they want for their future.
The only great thing about PHS is the fact that it has IB, but even then it's not that different from their Scholars Program or if you were to have AP and Dual Enrollment. The difference is, there is very little interaction between IB and Non-IB students, it's as if they are having IB students avoid Non-IB. It would be great if PHS used their funds on the Fine & Performing Arts classes and programs as well since it is barely funded and students must use their personal savings in order to participate.
When I attended pensacola high school, I was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. I enjoyed this program and believe that it was crucial to my college preparedness. Aside from the academics in the program, the community was great. The school was flawed when it came to the administration.
It was an alright school. Overall, it was just a bit messy. However, some teachers and staff are nice.
The environment is amazing but the teachers can be kind of hit or miss. I love the principal and vice principals and the elective choices are SOOO diverse. There’s definitely something for everyone.
Pretty terrible school overall. I was an IB student and the program is ran horribly, and the fact that it’s placed within a failing group of students doesn’t help. The only good thing about it which is the poor ib program, bad school
There are a lot of academic opportunities through the IB program! Some parts of the school are not in the most friendly looking.
The academics and education provided here is at a high level, however some of the administration and teacher problems are overlooked and neglected in the name of saving face.
Having been a part of the International Baccalaureate Program at PHS, I can gladly say that my educational experience exceeded expectations. My experience with the drama club was truly life changing. I can gladly say that I have made the best friends and memories through this school. This school is not known to be located in the best part of town and is often unable to apply money to some properties of the school as it must be applied to security, but, as somebody coming from a privileged community, I truly believe that this allowed me to broaden my perspective. The community and administration expresses their passion for education and instills in their students the importance of being open minded, remaining humble, and treating others with kindness. Pensacola High School has allowed me to grow to prioritize these fundamentals while providing me with a family that I know will support me for years to come.
I want to see them change everything. Start with the food to eat during lunch. Better teachers that can actually teach their subject.
Pensacola High School is a very unique school. We have the IB students which is a program for students who are very smart and then we have the traditional students. Most of the traditional students are smart, they just don’t apply themselves. Overall Pensacola High School has been a great experience to me I learned how to be an adult and how to tackle on the real world when it’s time. It was a awesome experience and if I could I would relive the experience again.
I like that we have different extracurricular activities.We also have students from different cultures at our school.My school gives us students the opportunity to be ourselves and be the best that we can be.The teachers are very understanding.They give us lessons that we are ready to learn.Our learning environment is both fun and serious.The principals and guidence counselors let us know what is expected from us at school.Everyone is unique in their pwn way.We have different electives that defines us.Electives like art,photo,band,chorus,and P.E. classes(vollyball,weight training,basketball).Our school gives us the opportunity to make good grades,have fun,and earn our diploma.Pensacola High School is a wonderful place to learn and grow.
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Pensacola high school is a very amazing school and I am so glad to have applied for and been accepted by the IB program offered here. I have made so many friends, had amazing support by my teachers and the administration, and learned so much at an advanced pace. Pensacola high school is definitely an amazing school. My only complaint is the prejudice placed on PHS by other schools, which are completely false and based on wrong assumptions. The IB program specifically prepares you for succeeding in college and in the rest of your life, and it is definitely worth the hard work placed upon students by the teachers.
The International Baccalaureate Program at Pensacola High School is great. It has prepared me for college well, and I have completed rigorous coursework. The traditional route of education at the school, from what I have observed and from what others have told me, is not good. We should use less technology in the classroom, as the technology inhibits learning. I have learned the most from teachers who used little technology.
The IB program is an incredible opportunity for students to mature academicslly and emotionally! The administration leaves a lot to be desired, but there are some truly outstanding teachers that have had a lasting impact on my education and my life.
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