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I have 9 grandchildren that attend there and one graduated. Has been there for 65 years. The ABEKA Curriculum is Christ centered.
I've been homeschooling with Abeka (Pensacola Christian Academy), and its the best. They challenge you mentally and also spiritually with daily bible lessons and also Chapel. The teachers are just wonderful and they truly do care for their students. I recommend this school or curriculum to any student; its absolutely AMAZING!!!!
I was a student enrolled in Pensacola Christian Academy's homeschool program for most of my elementary, middle, and high school education. The education and teachers were very good for the most part. However, there was not enough college readiness in the area of writing (i.e. format and style). Also, when I entered dual enrollment, there were some problems with administration that ended up with me having to take my senior year elsewhere.
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This school is excellent. Academics, extracurricular activities, teachers, - every aspect of this school if simply wonderful. They have created a very nurturing environment focused on learning and preparing for the next step in life. The more advanced courses they offer have helped me succeed in college classes that I have taken. Easily one of the best schools in Florida.
The curriculum, atmosphere, teachers, bus transportation, even down to the food served is superior to that of area schools. A place where you don’t have to worry about your child.
Pensacola Christian is a academically challenging; however, there is some legalism to be weary of. The teachers remain very involved and will watch your child's improvement, yet I cannot recommend attending this school in the long run. You are shielding from life and real issues that will train your child to have strength in the world around then.
I love my class and I couldn't have wished for a better experience. I also loved my teachers and I learnt so much from them. The curriculum is a little bit challenging but my teachers made it enjoyable.
I am in grade 11 and I have been using Abeka as a homeschool program since 7th grade. My siblings have also used it alongside me. It has a challenging curriculum but one a great student is sure to excel at.
From the beggining of kindergarten to my 12th grade year, I have used Pensacola Christian Academy! PCA has one of the best ciriculums!!! They push you to be the absolute it hard work? Yes. Does it pay off? Yes. PCA is excellent and the teachers are amazing! They explain things very well and you never feel like they dont care! With the excellence of this school I feel like I have been prepared for my college life and everything that will be thrown my way. They prepare you in every aspect of life...spiritually, mentally, and academically. All around an amazing school that I will forever be grateful for.
Most teachers were fun, engaging, and very helpful, the friends I grew around were great, and I grew in my faith as I surrounded by encouraging people everyday.
I use the homeschooling program but they r so set on their standards and have such a strong Christian foundation for all of the students that are in the school and in the homeschooling program. They do videos for the home school students and have such an interactive level with them thru the video. I have been home schooled 9 years and the first few years we did not do Abeka and the other homeschooling academies were so unorganized u could hardly understand what to do. We then found Abeka and have been with them for the past 5 years and they take their time to make sure u fully understand any problem. Each year they continue to build on what u have learned in years passed and go deeper into it. They have a great variety of sports and other activities for students.
From elementary to 11th grade, I did Abeka Academy homeschooling ( which is linked to this school ) and I must tell you that this school is worth it. Because of the school's excellent academics, I am one of the top students in a public high school which I am currently attending for my senior year. If you want to go to a good college, then this should definitely be your school.
It was a great high school experience I just wish that there had been more sports opportunities. The educational experience and college preparation were extremely helpful.
I am homeschooled through Pensacola Christian Academy and I love it. They are very helpful and make me feel as if I'm apart of the class the have physically at their campus. The teachers really care about their students and want to see them succeed.
Academics is very good. Just the way administration runs the jr/sr high is a little overboard when it comes to rules and the code of conduct contract they make students and parents sign
pensacola christian academy was not your average high school experience due to the fact the school is very strict. the environment is very friendly and religious
Pensacola Christian Academy is an excellent choice for students who wish to become leaders of society. The academic program is superb; most student score higher than the national average on tests such as the ACT.
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Excellent academic program. Teachers are well trained and school is very organized, clean and safe. Sports program is excellent and coaches build character as well as athletic ability.
Its been a while since all three of our children were there but they all went on to succeed and make us very proud.I really think they can help your child get the basics and then go on to hearts desire.
I actually studied in the online version of this school but i have visited and really like it, the teachers are great and very funny, this school gives you the moral values of a true christian school, the school is really beautiful and clean the food is also good and overall the education received was enough to enter a really good college and with a high scholarship
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