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I have been attending Pensacola Catholic High School for almost four years. While this is my last year, I have enjoyed my classes very much. All classes have great teachers that are always willing to help their students understand before or after school. The athletics at Catholic High are very diverse and supported by the faculty and student body. In the coming years, Catholic High will make changes to the school on where classes will be located due to the incoming classes always increasing in size.
It's okay, very Catholic school, has some iffy rules, but overall good education and faculty. There's diversity in the school. Very expensive, not a big school. It has some okay clubs, but overall doesn't really peak interest.
I like PCHS a lot. The teachers and faculty really do try hard to reach their students and develop personal relationships with them. Whenever I need extra instruction, I know I can go to them after school and they will help me however they can. The one thing I do not like is having to take religion classes. As a cradle catholic, I know everything that they have taught us about religion. I wish I could take another math or science class instead.
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This is an amazing school, and an amazing faculty. I have been here for 4 years, and I could not imagine my high school career anywhere else.
Pensacola Catholic High School is a family environment, full of amazing and loving people! This is a place that a student is able to call home because of how close we are to one another. We support and care for the community by Make a Difference Day and holding the Starry Starry Night Auction.
As a senior who has spent four years at Pensacola Catholic High School, I can confidently say that my experiences here at PCHS has shaped me as a person in the most positive way I can think of. The school environment promotes all of it's students to be the best they can be by teaching them core catholic values combined with morals through our core values of personal integrity, commitment to excellence, commitment to service, and selfless love. Though the diversity of this school is not as inclusive as other public schools in the area, there are plenty of foreign exchange students that bring their culture and precious knowledge to our great school.
I transferred to Catholic High School as a sophomore, and was kindly greeted by the administration and the student body. I have had no problems with the school so far. My junior year was very enjoyable and I felt that I got a very good education. The baseball program is really good here and everyone is friendly. Some of the rules can be strict, but overall I am happy with my time so far at Catholic High School.
Pensacola Catholic High School is accepting to all people and creates a family environment. This place is a second home to all students and does its best to make sure each student reaches their full potential. They achieve their goals through their core values of Selfless Love, Commitment to Excellence, Personal Integrity, and Commitment to Service.
The teachers were very helpful and were very kind to all the students. Their school is mainly based on sports, they constantly encourage students to attend different sport events to support their school.
My daughter is a Freshman at Catholic. As a new family to the area, it feels a little insular and exclusionary, but the academics are solid.
I had a positive experience at this school. The subject material in most classes is challenging, but the teachers are more than happy to provide assistance.
Pensacola Catholic High School has loving community that is growing every year with a large number of students that enroll. The school's education programs expand the students minds and the students can learn at different levels that may be better for the student. Every teacher is concerned for each student's education and give guidance to every study on assignments, projects, or future classes they may take. Within the school, it has a loving and happy environment from all the teachers, students, and faculty members. Every student helps each other and looks out for each other through every situation.
I loved the teachers the most, they are helpful and put in the effort to help the students understand the material. The people here are lovely and are kind and easy to work with, this includes staff and classmates alike.
Catholic is a great school. I enjoyed my four years here. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun at the same time.
I wouldn't want to spend my high school years anywhere else! With small classes each student is able to get a hands on learning experience. The teachers and faculty are very involved supporting students at sports events and club meetings.
CAMPUS: The school itself is in the worst possible part of town; run down, lots of crime all around the school. School goes on lockdown while police chases happen. With the exception of the library, which seems fairly new, the rest of the school hasn't changed in 40 years. The blinds in the cafeteria are the original 1950's Mad Men era blinds.

CULTURE: Friday Night Lights culture. Expect to see the Athletic Director that looks and sounds like John Goodman's character in a John Hughes movie. If you're not a jock, you're a loser smoking pot and playing video games in your room. No seriously, that is a quote and what was said at a parent open house night. You know that strict, suppressive Catholic school stereotype? Well it's here in full effect.

Academics: The kids that graduate from here don't seem to be going off to the kinds of schools one would expect given really one of Pensacola's only private high schools.
I love the extracurriculars in this school. The sports teams are very competitive.
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I love the extracurriculars at this school. They make the experience much better. My classes challenge me but are not too difficult. The school is very family-like. It is small, so everyone knows everyone else. I would choose this school all over again because I feel that they prepared me for college better than anyone else.
Some teachers are very knowledgable and have taught at this school for a long time. Others are newer and do not grade honors students as tough as they should and let students do what they want.
The clubs all seem to meet on the same day, so you have to choose which ones you can go to. Then, when you can't go to a club, the teacher gets mad and might kick you out. I went to every club meeting last year, then the teacher yelled at me at the end of the year for hardly going. She just didn't know I was there.
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