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the social scene at Penrose is pretty balanced out.

its many different cultures of race that play with each other at all school activities.

you can come to this school in fit right in with just about anybody because the school always have been open and accepted.
this school was a great experience for me in many ways.

Being at Penrose middle school showed me that people really stick together, help you in your time of need, and cares about your education.

when I wen to Penrose I had some hard times with my living situation and I knew that coming to school everyday would take my mind off things and it helped a lot.

My favorite time at Penrose is when we had a big celebration right outside in the school yard.

There were food, music, games, and prize give a ways and everywhere I looked I saw happy faces.

I would go to Penrose if I was any student going to middle school because you really can enhance your academics and leave with mindset of helping a person in there time of need.

Naje Taylor
the sports are good , great teacher and good help
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penrose's health safety policies are great I miss them
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