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Penquis Valley High School Reviews

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It was alright but it seemed like the teachers didn't really care. Or they cared about dumb things. I wish they focused more on the education and academics rather than sports or out of school things
Penquis is an okay school for both social and learning aspects. I am actually homeschooled now, but I went to Penquis for two years. It is a very nice building, very clean and tidy. There is only about two hundred two hundred and fifty students there. Most of the teachers were pretty okay. Learning there wasn't the easiest because you didn't really get one-to-one time with someone if you needed help. I would love it if the teachers would focus on the kids struggling and help them.
Penquis Valley High School is a close-knit school where you are familiar with nearly everybody around you. The classes are small, which gives you a chance to get to know your teachers personally. The only thing that I would change is the approach on portfolios and the crazy schedule.
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The teachers are nice and care about their students success. The school isn't known for it's academics but I can tell you that has nothing to do with the teachers.
The teachers are quite helpful when asked, and while the students seem to complain a lot, it is what they bring upon themselves. The administration is quite easy to deal with.
As a student at Penquis Valley, I have grown up in this district my entire school career. I like the small class sizes and the fact that we have the ability to connect with our teachers one on one. A disadvantage to it being such a small school however is that there is not a lot of advanced classes or extra classes offered.
Key Club and Student Council truly helped my through high school. I had a place where I belonged. I felt at home when I was with my group people. I held executive positions. I went on trips in the name of these groups. I did volunteer work for my school and community. And I loved every second of it, it made high school a little more easier.
My school was combined with the middle school. For most people that means the 5-8th grade but for Penquis that was 7-8 in one wing of the school and 9-12 in another wing. All together the school still had less than 300 students, which most people had in their graduating class. Being from such a small school you really get to know everyone and get to be friends with everyone. There wasn't a person in my class that I didn't know almost everything about, and couldn't on a random Tuesday sit down and eat lunch with them as if I had sat with them all year.
My graduating class had 30 kids in it. That means that we got to spend a lot of time with our teachers. They were amazing. We were practically on a first name basis with everyone. In such a small town and a small school it was easy to get along. I loved my experience there and I learned so much because there was always a teacher there that was willing to help me.
There are very few incidents that threaten personal safety and the health programs and nurse are very good.
Being a small school there may not always be the most opportunities athletically but there is great support from the community and school
Many teachers are well educated in their field and are able to effectively teach the students what they need to know.
This school is very small and does not always have the best available opportunities which can cause a lack of challenging courses due to not enough teachers or not enough resources.
There is usually one choice for a "main" dish each day will sandwiches always available and a fruit and salad bar available every day.
I am currently a freshman at the University of Maine. The choice to go onto secondary education was always an easy one for me. I knew I wanted to go to college to get the job that I wanted and be able to have a nice life for myself. Before beginning college I worked during the summer in order to make money to help pay for my college education. I feel well prepared for the "real world" after graduating. I have already worked in order to support the things that I want to do and am currently trying to further my education to achieve the job that I would like to have for the rest of my life.
I would not choose this school again because everyone knows everyone, so people constantly know what you're doing and it is a very small school.
There are tons of after school activities, ranging from Key Club, Student Council, or Pep band to NHS, Drama Club, or sports.
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The principle and guidance counselor does their best to help students.
There is constant bullying/cyber bullying at this school.
The school is well known for their winning basketball season, with great support from the school.
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