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Penobscot Valley High School Reviews

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Penobscot Valley High did not provide me with the proper education, fair treatment, or anything to prepare me for the real world during my four years there. There are kind people in the district but they are not qualified to perform their jobs, they are also very lackadaisical. It is truly a shame that this once great school and it’s community has fallen so low. From it’s sports programs, the staff, the students being prepared for the future, or non-biased treatment to students. I loved my friends, the people I met, and the memories I had. But I am glad to move on past high school.
This school is pretty rubbish in my, very professional, opinion. The only reason I'd suggest it to anybody is that of the alternative program they offer a way out in Lagrange. The kids that go are narrow-minded and intolerant.
What I like about Penobscot Valley High is that almost all of the teachers are always there when needed. If you are struggling, they will always immediately try their best to get you caught up. One thing I would ask of the school to do though, is to add more activities and more electives.
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I loved the small community and personal connection that we were able to get with the teachers. Having classes that ranged from around a twenty person population to some with only three people in it was a wonderful experience for me, as I got the normal sized classroom with added small, more enjoyable classes. The teachers are all lovely and supportive people, always willing to help their students with anything from home issues to college advice. With this, however, I do not enjoy how this school handles problems such as bullying and political issues that are brought into the school.
My experience at penobscot valley high school had been great. They have helped me face real life situations and have really prepared me to get ready for the reality in world that I will be getting ready for next year. I would like to see a little bit of change in there teaching skills but they really have done a great job teaching and preparing me for the world
Steeper penalties for necessary broken rules/laws. Beef up security, replace staff members that don't have common sense with one that do and know what they're talking about.
PVHS is a wonderful school. Our sports programs are very good and are very involved. Our school is very involved in the community and is very helpful. The facility and students in our school are all very close and are all willing to help with whatever we need.
PVHS is a very small school, so there aren't lots of opportunities. I am very involved with music, and our school does not have a strong music program because of scheduling issues which is very frustrating.
Small school. Always can get time with your teachers. Most if not all students get on the sports teams.
I would like to see the faculty be exited about what they are doing. They seem to not want to be there. There is no diversity, very small school with questionable students. It feels as it is an unsafe place to be.
My experience at Penobscot Valley High School was fun. I had a lot of good times and good laughs with my friends and some of the teachers. Many of the teachers along my high school career were fantastic. They would always help out. On the other hand, many of the teachers here were incredibly unhelpful. That includes our guidance councilor, who seemed to slack when it came to helping my classmates and I apply to colleges. Thankfully, other teachers helped us along the way. Besides for that, my time at Penobscot Valley High School was enjoyable.
Iam going on my fourth year at Penobscot Valley High School, my experience here was average I would say I cant really compare it to any other high school because this is the only one i have attended. The perks are that its a small school so you know everyone and we all get along mostly but the draw backs are that with a small school we dont have many resources available to us which holds us back compared to bigger schools.
The teachers are amazing, but the principal is overly strict about any handbook violation she can find. The Physical Education teacher is sexist and strict as well. The Guidance Counciler sometimes refuses to see students even though they have made appointments and she barely makes deadlines on time.
The schools is pretty safe, there's only one nurse for the whole district so it can be hard sometimes to find her but she's great. Bullying isn't too bad of a problem, we get it sometimes.
The only real extra activity is sports, and not everyone does sports. There needs to be more options like music or drama clubs, or even science clubs.
I enjoyed my friends at this school. Some sports were fun and I liked my honors classes. I just wish there was more supports for the fine arts and performing arts. No one really cares about them.
It's not the best, the teachers could be more supportive and help struggling students. Grading papers on time is not a thing for some teachers and it can be frustrating.
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Its really not that great there is a lot of favortisum
It's an okay school, but its not the best school.
We have some different athletic activities we may participate in, many students do participate in sports in my high school, but as for school spirit, we haven't got that much of it. We don't exactly have a fitness program or facility outside of sports.
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