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Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School Reviews

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I loved everything about Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School. The teachers were really good and very helpful and engaging if there was something that I didn't understand. They really helped me in many ways. I don't think anything needs to be changed.
After getting bullied in my first two years at the public highschool where I lived, I decided that I wanted to attend online. My dad found PA virtual and it has changed my life. I have made so many new friends and I have amazing bonds with my teachers. Everyone is amazing and I am so glad that I will graduate from this school.
What I liked about the school is that it has given flexibility but I recommend providing less reading for students
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I like the ability to schedule my classes at the times I want. I like my teacher's and having the ability to go to online class and connect with my classmates and my teacher's. I love the fact that the school prepares you for college and the college process.
PAVCS is an amazing learning environment. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. People are very respectful and people that need to be advanced can be and people that need to be held back can be as well. Such a wonderful school and I hope it flourishes even more in the future.
Very easy to new comers but does present challenges for those wanting a challenge in school. Very great community. Teachers always supportive and willing to help after class.
I love Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School. I recommend this school to everyone. This is one of the best home base schools ever. They prepare you for college and they also prepare you for the real world.
Was a great alternative to public brick and mortor schooling. I get really bad migraines so it was the best option for me. Great staff and very helpful teachers.
I like the flexibility I get out of being charter schooled. One thing I would change about the school is the communication with my teachers, I think it can be improved.
I like that my school had so many options and courses and have a variety of clubs and stuff I like the academics and how the teachers teach.
This school is great for parents who wants to homeschool their child. They give you plenty of opportunities to submit and retake homework.
Our son was the youngest student in his brick & mortar preschool. While he was extremely smart he was socially immature with an ADHD brain to boot. Because of this he did not fair well in a standard classroom setting. We considered holding him back a year but didn't want to hinder his lightening fast brain from academic learning. That's when we chose PA Virtual. After a year here I can confidently say it was THE BEST decision for us. He has flourished & is even smarter now! Without the endless distractions he faced at the brick and mortar school his focus has been laser sharp.

Miss Housam is FANTASTIC. She is highly gifted at teaching little children and capturing their attention, all while staying on track! We've enjoyed being a part of her class so much.

All in all we highly recommend PA Virtual. It's made our child smarter and has given him the opportunity to develop a healthy self esteem without worrying about the not so important social stuff.
The school gives students a lot of flexibility. However, it provides a minimal k-12 academic curriculum. The math courses gloss over many areas that are included on the Keystones and SATs. The science courses are basic at best. The health, gym, and sex education courses are lacking. The culture of the school is conservative and quite focused on giving parents access to/control over their children's academics through high school. This may be a good fit for some families; I came from an abusive household, so it was detrimental to me. The conservative culture creates a lot of bullying; students are punished for pushing back. I am a transgender man and faced severe bullying and discrimination at PA Virtual. At one point, I had to get the ACLU involved. There are no consequences for racism and religious discrimination. The school is biased towards Christian religions, and as a Jewish person, I was excluded. The voices uplifted at PA Virtual are white, Christian, cisgendered, and straight.
I was able to skip 8th grade through the Scholar's program. Through tons of support from great teachers I was also able to graduate high school early. I only had a handful of bad experiences from staff, tech support, and teachers in my 6 years there.
I have three children at PA Virtual. We have been here for 7 years. I love this school for many reasons, however, the one that stands out the most are the teachers. They are so helpful, dedicated, caring, and professional. They are available long after the school "bell" rings. They offer their time for a one on one class session/review. They help the students with 'out of school' activities by writing references or by simply encouraging them. Two of my children receive extra support with academics and speech therapy with the school. There is extra help when needed. One of my boys was able to skip 8th grade and be a part of the High School Scholars program as well as the National Honor Society. There he met two even more amazing teachers, Mrs. Laura Afshari and Mrs. Jennifer Burke. Their work ethic and hearts are wonderful. Thank you, PA Virtual for offering my kids a way to have an amazing school experience.
The online school was alright, I think the teachers could have been better and the work be a little harder. I also wish the guidance counselor could have been better as well.
I love that the teachers are engaging even though we are online. I love that you can still have a live class, but have the option to do the work on your own. I wish there were more options of classes to take.
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Based on my time in Pennsylvania Virtual School I believe it is a fine school, but not for anyone. For students who prefer working independently at their own pace, this is the school for them. Personally, I thrive off of competing with my peers. Since this school is virtual we have online classes with no face time with our classmates. Myself, I prefer face-to-face, hands on learning methods. However, the school offers many supplies and easy help that's just one call away. Calculators, textbook, and tools are sent to ensure a complete education. Although the teachers can't see our faces everyday, they do their best to give all the assistance they can on a daily basis. It's easy to build a relationship with our teachers. Just like other schools there are office hours. Administration emails and phone numbers are provided in case of any questions or concerns.
This school is extraordinary. I've been here the majority of my school years and I can honestly say it has helped me in so many ways. The teachers are very involved and make sure to help the students individually. My favorite thing about this school is that the teachers make sure to push you to your absolute potential.
PAVCS is an excellent cyber charter school in Pennsylvania. I have attended for the past 6 years, and was able to graduate early due to the ability to earn extra credits while in ninth and tenth grades. The counselors and teachers are excellent and answer all questions, as well as give you additional guidance outside of class time if you need it.