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Penn Yan was overall a good school. I wish they had offered more opportunities to students as far as clubs, college readiness and experiences.
Penn Yan was a very good school compared to other schools around us. I enjoyed the teachers attitudes and the amount of students there are. The class sizes were perfect and easy to have one on one experience with the teachers if need be. The things I didn't enjoy was the fact that there's not a lot to do in the town of Penn Yan. Another thing is I don't feel that the school offers enough classes for specific career interests. They could do more for the students like offer internships and other career fairs.
It's a small town, it goes without saying that- yes there is drama- but there are a lot of people that know each other and care for one another. There is always someone to find or go to when you need help, and sometimes there are places you can go to to get away from it all when you need to calm down. Everyone here is generally caring and loves to help when and if they can.
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The arts programs, while not with the best funding, are a place where every and any student is accepted for who they are and supported in their endeavors. The many clubs opened up possibilities for student with anxiety about public speaking to open up and learn to be confident in themselves. All sports participants are enthusiastic and encourage others to be as well.
The best four years of my life so far. Couldn't have asked for a better school to go to.
Most teachers love their job and are willing to help students whenever they can. Some of the best teachers I've ever had
The school is great, very welcoming! Penn Yan Academy really tries to have the students do their best. They just had an Academic Excellence Award Ceremony to honor students who have had a 90% or better last year!
Most of the staff could not care less about anything going on. Including sexual harassment, where nothing is done. Several students get targeted every year and the administration goes after them to get them suspended for random reasons. This includes a honor roll student getting their locker torn apart by drug dogs because of the student being pregnant.
Average school for small village. Arts program is under funded and Arts students do not receive much attention, despite winning awards at annual competitions. Faculty tends to overpower or silence the voice of the students in student oriented clubs.
The opportunities and supportive environment are very conducive to learning. Some of the programs are slightly underfunded, but it offers college credit for courses and an individualized approach in the classroom.
The cafeteria staff at Penn Yan Academy caters to every individual's needs. They will also cater for any event a club or organization is going to have at a discounted rate. The facilities are well maintained and professional enough to satisfy business meetings-especially if they occur in the business room adjacent to the cafeteria.
Penn Yan Academy looks out for the well being of its students. Every disciplinary action taken is proportional to the circumstances at hand.
Penn Yan Academy received a grant from New York state only two years ago for participating in an activity survey. Every sports facility is new and lightly used. The maintenance staff makes sure they all stay like new!
Every school has its teacher who teaches a class that students struggle in. However, Penn Yan has teachers that completely support their students and enjoy offering opportunities to them.
Penn Yan Academy is a small school located in the middle of a small town. Average class size is around 100 and those small numbers make having a large number of successful clubs unrealistic. HOWEVER the clubs and activities available are more numerous than you might expect. There is over 30 sports to choose from, and a very flexible arts/music department. Our district has a string program, provides financial aid to sports programs and is active in the community. Students also have the opportunity to make any clubs they wish as long as there is a teacher willing to advise.
The sports programs are okay, except for lacrosse, which is heavily popular in Penn Yan.
The principal doesn't get involved with much, we hardly see him anymore. The counselors are very helpful though they keep in contact with your teachers to monitor your progress and notify you when you're falling behind. Bullying really isn't tolerated it's dealt with quit a bit unfortunately but it still occurs. The dress code is pretty basic and not very strict, no hats and shorts can't be shorter than finger tips, but that's not really enforced.
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This school is very unfair, if you have money or you play sports you get away with a lot. And there are certain stereotypes that cause people to be treated unfairly just because it's typical of them to do something. I would not choose this school over again because I prefer a school that encourages students to grow closer and maintain a closer relationship with a lot of students
No one really feels at risk at this school. There are really no risks of gang violence. It's mainly drug problems, and dogs searches occur very often. Doors are always locked and I never feel afraid going to this school because the community is really safe. A lot of bullying does happen because a lot of people are different and some people are very closed minded and don't agree with their life choices
Most after school activities are for the drama clubs and band members. There really isn't much to offer and when you do join it's not consistent I am in pep club and we haven't met in months. There really isn't a popular club, people mainly just want to get out of there
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