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Penn Wood High School takes advantage of all opportunities and ensures that every student is college and or career ready by the time of graduation. This school district encourages students to overcome any disadvantages that we may have, and tries to give us the best resources with the money that we have.
My experience was a good one. I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun. My teachers really prepared me for college, my counselor help me a lot. I do want to the view of the school change, the school is a really good one
I graduated from Penn Wood in 2016. While I was there, I was involved in Ap/Honors classes and the arts. The teachers I had did there best to give me a good education and get me and my peers ready for college. The school doesn't have a lot of resources available when it comes to books and equipment, but we made do with what we had. Even the teachers with students who probably weren't going to college tried there best to teach their students the best they could. The buildings need renovating and so does the administration. There were times when some students were given special and unfair treatment because they became friends with the administration and security guards. The student body has a noticeable trend divide between friend groups, but this rarely ever impacted how people behaved. When it came time for school-wide events, the whole school came together. Even with these things, I enjoyed my time at Penn Wood and made lifelong friends here.
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Penn Wood was okay. The resources weren’t really up to par in all honesty. The food isn’t really appetizing, the only things I’d recommend would be either a sandwich or salad. My academics improved overtime so that’s what inspired me to keep going.
My high school experience was amazing. I got the chance to learn in school while being able to enjoy it and be social with friends. Some changes i would make to my school is to take student opinions into matter because a school is nothing without students so listening to students and giving them a voice is very important , us students are the future and in order to help prepare us for the future we need to teach each other how to be fair and come together to make not just school and our work place better but the whole world.
The school over all was not the best and could be better, but I did have good times attending. All the teachers I had were really lovely and helpful and seemed to really love their jobs. Though things like facilities could be changed for the better.
Penn Wood isn't perfect, but it is what you make it. There are opportunities for the students there, but there is some nepotism. But I think the right people are there to make a difference in a student's life, a positive impact.
I would rate this school to be average. The students are the most important part of this school of course, and with that being said I can only speak for Honors and Advanced classes. In these specific classes, teachers care mostly and pay close attention to their students in these classes. The food lunch is healthy and in my opinion, good! This school might have bad reviews but I believe its all about how you apply yourself and stay focused
The teachers there are very accessible and willing to teach. The award ceremonies were awesome! School cleanliness was exceptional! Just an overall GREAT school!
Penn Wood High School is a very good school to go to. The teachers and staff members are very nice and are happy to help students with any problems they have. The students there are also very intelligent individuals who accomplish many great things as young high school students. One thing, however, that I would like to see change are the conditions of some of the textbooks in the classrooms as well as the dress code (being able to wear ripped jeans and tights).
Penn Wood High School is a school on the lower end, for reasons it cannot change. One of the only thing the school seems to be known for is its sports teams, more so the football and basketball teams. Academics looks to be on the lower end of the spectrum, and school spirit and diversity is very lacking. If you have the opportunity to send your child to another school, I highly reccomend it.
The athletics, classes and clubs are a great way to meet friends. Social status's doesn't matter in Penn Wood. Even the most 'weirdest' kids known to society has a place within the bunch of the 'cool kids'. No matter your religion, culture, sexual orientation, etc there's always a place to fit in.
I overall enjoyed my experiences. Yes there are a lot of problems, but if you go to school and do what your suppose to do it can be very rewarding. One of my class mates got a full ride to to Yale next year.
Penn Wood High is pretty cool. They have many options and courses available to help students get on a track to success. There are great teachers and a many cultures exist within the walls of the school. Things the school should work on: the school doesn't do much to promote political discourse, which is a big part of being a citizen. There isn't a jROTC program and the school has less opportunities available than other schools, which one could argue push students to work harder. The administrators don't have a system that look after the needs of the students, but look after what they think we need, like chromebooks.
At Penn Wood High School, it's amazing yo see how dedicated the teachers are to what they do. Their work ethic shows how much they really care for their students and inspires students like myself to work harder in school. At this school, there are also many extracurricular activities for the students to participate in. The activities there are great enough that they woupld make you look forward to the next meeting, practice, or game.
With so many opportunities provided by the school, the student body needs to take advantage of as many as they can. The school would be a five star school if the students participate in everything involving the school.
I liked that the school wasn't that big, so I was able to form close friendships with the people in my classes and my teachers were fairly attentive. What I didn't like was that because the school wasn't very big, when they started moving more students into the Green Avenue campus, it became very cramped. We only had 30 minutes for lunch, but some people couldn't even get their lunches until the end of the period because the lines were so long.
I was a student a Pennwood High for four years and i was always involved inafter school activities, and found it to be a great place, with eager students and involved parents and staff.
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This high school has so much potential to outstand all the other high schools but the environment and people are what's preventing the strong growth. Many of these people have no desire to excel in academics giving off a bad vibe of the school. Many of these people are also very disrespectful to the teacher staff and administrators. Safety is a big topic brought up in this school. Many of these security guards will not do their jobs unless their supervisor is directly watching them. The high school could be so much better if the mindsets of the students about school is changed, a more organized administration, willing-to-work dedicated staff, and etc.
Penn Wood High School has taught me so much academically and socially. They have really good teachers who care about the education of their students and seeing their students succeed. Some of the things that need to change about the school is the way they deal with the athletes and the after school activities. They should look into getting study hall for every sports team and not just one or two.
My experience was probably just like most other high school students. I came to school followed my everyday routine for four straight years had favorite teachers and teachers I just had to learn from and teachers who's classes were struggled in but you were still thankful for having them as your teacher. I like the overall environment around penn wood. Whenever I saw a new student I always saw a guidance intern helping them around to classes and just a friend to start out with in general because we all know that can be tough. The one thing I wish I could change about penn wood is the amount of money the district had if I could and I'll happily give back to the school when I can do so myself, however I feel as tho the students can excel so much farther if they had close to the resources that an upper class school might have.
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