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Th teachers think they can change, with debates, how you view and feel. They constantly bring up their personal political things views and seen to push it on others. I've been told by multiple teachers that the way I feel towards things is incorrect, and proven wrong by facts. I don't ever change my views, but it gets quite annoying and interferes with lessons and my learning experience.
Penn Trafford High School excels in providing anything you could ever imagine. Academics is where the school really stands out. Having the knowledge provided by grade A teachers is something that everyone that goes here should be proud of. Safety is definitely a top priority to PT. They try to work out the best possible ways to ensure that students can feel safe in school, while getting a great education. PT is one of those schools that you can not afford to pass up if you have the opportunity to attend. People that have college readiness is evident in many students that graduate here.
Penn Trafford is a very good school for the area. It would be nice if they would focus on some more life skills for the students to help them in the future to become more independent. There are just a few classes offered for this and seniors should get a priority over underclassmen for enrollment.
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My three years at Penn-Trafford High School have comprised a wonderful experience. All of the teachers are thoroughly passionate about their work and make helping students their first priority. Moreover, the administration is very open to student ideas regarding new clubs and organizations and seems to handle all issues very well. I walk into school every day and am assured that the constant police presence keeps me and my peers safe. A recent renovation has rendered the facilities beyond stellar, and the students desire few things beyond a solid education.
The part that I liked about Penn Trafford High School was that the teachers in this school teach you the subjects and concepts very well. If you have a question or problem, they will gladly help you with that problem. The school is very comforting and makes you feel good about yourself.
Penn-Trafford High School is a relatively smaller high school in the suburbs of PA. The school is in a good area and everything it has to offer if pretty great. I did well academically, with teachers that cared and got to know their students. I also was involved in multiple sports. The school excels in athletics and is growing their art programs. I felt safe and felt like I was surrounded by good people. I think I got a good education here and was challenged in most of my classes. The only thing that was a blessing and a curse was that Penn-Trafford does not require mid-terms/finals which is something that I think could have helped prepare me for college. However, there were plenty of other tests that I had to study for.
My experience at Penn Trafford High School has been positive for many reasons. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the education that I was receiving so close to home. I understand that the school is not the best when it comes to the track record, but many of the teachers sparked interest for me to continue trying and continue working towards my career goals. Although many of my careers goals changing during high school, I learned to adapt based on the advise of my peers and teachers. This allowed me to have a much more fluid strategy when it came to college. I really appreciated my time at Penn Trafford.
Penn-Trafford is an all around great school that is very athletics oriented. There are many great teachers that truly care about the students and their education. The school also has various types technology available for the students to aide in learning and elective classes. The English and Science department are outstanding. However, as mentioned earlier there are many teachers that are great, but some do lack in how they treat students. Favoritism is a common thing in the classroom and I think they could improve the math department but otherwise those are the only problems I had!
Penn-Trafford was a safe place to attend school. The high school was newly built although many of the students can not access the library and many study rooms. The diversity is little to none, but the student body is close as a whole. The teachers do a great job with personally getting to know the students. Academics are good although the teachers could do a better job getting you prepared for college.
Penn Trafford is a great school with great learning experiences. It is a great place to learn, play a sport, be creative, and do whatever your passion is. I would say something that needs to change is the diversity of the school. It is a primarily Caucasian community and even referred to as "the bubble". I think that having a more diverse school would cause a better learning environment.
It was a pretty typical suburban school. Had a bit of trouble with bullying, and the administration at the time didn't do a whole lot. Academically, the school does very well.
Penn Trafford is a good school system. Dedicated teachers, good facilities and a community that really supports the school. The main downside about the school system is the lack of diversity in the school and the community.
Penn Trafford High School has many opportunities for students in the school. It is a safe environment where children are able to learn and succeed.
Over the four years I have attended, they have always done what they could to help me do better. There never was a time that I was lost, or confused on how to do something or what to do.
Overall, I had a great experience at PT. Many of the teachers were exceptional and willing to give extra help if needed. A few stand out and helped prepare me for college level classes.
Great teachers and staff. Building in great shape. Good cafeteria. Good sports programs. Counselors are good.
I have made the best friends through penm trafford. We have great academics and sports teams that have helped me recieve scholarships to play a sport in college and get academic money.
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Good curriculum, safe environment, abundance of unique classes, great sports programs. Penn-Trafford has a wonderful reputation through its students. Students are respectful and easy to get along with. The teachers will always help you succeed no matter what area of learning. Safe environment and good security always makes me feel safe coming to school.
Would like to see it more diverse. Had a very good experience with teachers and academics; I feel very prepared for college.
I like how most of the teachers are willing to help students improve their grades, but I feel like a lot of them don't understand that mental illnesses are just as real as physical ones. I have a friend who has anxiety attacks every time he has to present a project in class and his teachers don't take into account that his brain is working against him. I have severe depression and sometimes I can't function well enough to finish homework and I don't feel comfortable telling my teachers about my problem because they would most likely say I'm using it as an excuse to not do my work.
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