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Penn Hills Senior High School Reviews

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Penn Hills High School is for sure turning itself around and becoming a much better school than it was.
The teachers could never do their jobs because very few kids there want to learn. The general classes there are a complete joke. I recommend getting involved in the honors and AP classes if you want to learn and succeed.
Just like any other school its what you make of it. During my time I've made many friends and learned a lot. Make sure you do a lot of clubs and play some sports!
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My experience is great. This high-school is very well put together and has a lot of school pride. Also they are very strict with academic. All teachers push students to their best abilities .
i have had an excellent experience going to school at penn hills high school ! i have met very different people and we have grew an excellent friendship over the year. the sports teams are very good and we have a penn hills tribe who shows awesome support. mainly everybody there is very friendly and gets along well with each other. there are some changes that needs to be fixed but they are working on it. the teachers and guidance counselors are willing to help as long as you are willing to learn. overall, i suggest penn hills high school for anybody thinking about going.
The school is okay but the overall thoughts about the school is 50/50. Some teachers are really great and then there are teachers who don't make an effort. The teachers who gets along with the kids actually care and makes sure that the students understand the curriculum. The food is okay I just wish that they changed up their lunch menu instead of having the same food all the time.
Penn Hills High School is for sure becoming a lot better of a place and looking to keep the kids safe and Their education!
What I liked about my high school was the exhilarating school spirit. I had a great relationship with most of the teachers and principles. What I would like to change about my high school is the limited gym curriculum that focused more on the males versus the females.
Pennhills high-school has helped me grow as a young adult.The opportunities it provided me was good and they help you prepare for college. I especially liked the field trips that were offered at pennhills high-school. Overall this high school is by far one of the best schools I have ever attended.
I enjoyed playing basketball. I was able to meet new friends and my team mates held me accountable for attending practice and maintaining good grades.
I enjoy having "early out" my senior year.
This school should focus more deeply on education and college readiness rather than focusing on disciplining the students.
The Penn Hills senior High is an enjoyable district that has provided men with a high school experience I'm grateful for. Despite socio-economic problems the district has preserved throughout and provides an adequate jumping off point for the future. My greatest privilege here was the teachers and staff who I will always remember for their guidance. My biggest gripe would be the Administration who put our district in the struggle it currently endures.
Penn Hills is just your typical public school. It's all about how you make of it. Biggest advice I could give is that you should join as many activities, clubs, and sports you can. Before you know it you'll be graduating in a blink of an eye. Start going to games with friends and make sure to stay on top with your assignments!
Although Penn Hills High School may be seen in a muddy light by others, the relationship that I have created with my friends and the many lessons I have learned from all my teachers have made me the hardworking person I am. At Penn Hills High School, we try to make a difference and impact with what we are given. We aren't given a lot, but that has given me the push I need to keep going and prepares me for the uncertainty and haphazardness of life. Things aren't going to be handed to you in life. Through hard work and keeping your own identity, it is proven that you can do anything, All in all, you don't need lots of money to succeed in life!
I was able to find out what my interests were and to join a new community of people after transferring from a private school.
I liked that the teachers would really try to get to know you as an individual and actually cared about you succeeding. One thing I think they should change, is getting juniors ready for college as far as offering more help to students that struggle with figuring out what to do after high school.
Overall it’s a great school! I enjoyed most of my teachers and their way of teaching made learning easier to comprehend. I also graduated as valedictorian last year! If I had to change one thing It would definitely be the food
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The Penn Hills Senior high is a school who cares about their student. They try to make safety a top priority. The teachers here love their students but some fall short in the teaching department. Some teachers can not teach. If you are an honors or AP student then you should have no problem. They are even incorporating new techniques to help the students learn better.
Overall my experience at Penn Hills was a good one. I had great teachers that truly cared about my well being and where I was going in life. I experienced bullying and an overwhelmingly traumatic experience that 1 in 3 women will experience in their lifetime. For that reason I gave it an average rating. My teachers were wonderful but the school failed in protecting me and other students in this manner. #nomore
Although I had a good time growing up in Penn Hills and going through their education system, there are some things that could be improved. There needs to be better supplies for teachers. They should not be purchasing their own Expo Markers so they're able to write on the white boards to teach.
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