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Pendleton County Middle/High School Reviews

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The teachers at Pendleton County High School are great, but it is getting to the point where there are not as many qualified teacher. I have to take a lot of online classes which is not the best. Things I would like to see improve are the disciplinary actions and the cleanliness of the school.
Pendleton County Middle/ High School seemed to be the average high school, but once you look into it so far, you begin to see problems that make this school below average. Considering that half of my high school career I have been taught by unqualified math substitutes (long term substitutes). Although I’m not the smartest in math because of that, the other teachers I have to say are amazingly unique, and they leave a positive lasting effect on each student. The agriculture education portion of the school is very hands-on, and I learned a lot by these interactive experiences such as: learning to build a wood float, welding, and using a plasma cutter. A problem I had with the school includes the excessive mold growing on the wall in one of my history classes.
Pendleton County High School in Franklin, WV is a good school. I like the relaxed and cheerful environment that come from the students and staff. However, one thing I would like to see change is the discipline actions, as well as testing to be taken more serious for things like ACT or SAT.
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I like the closeness of the school. It's nice knowing everyone. I would change the appearance of the school. It's not pleasing to the eye unless administration visits. Also, the curriculum needs to be geared toward advanced students as well as students who need extra help. It's not fair to the students who work hard to be shorted. However, my experience so far at PCHS has been satisfactory.
Upon arrival to college this fall, I realized that PCHS wasn't nearly as awful as I had once thought. I was (and am) so much more prepared for college than many of my classmates. The teachers don't just stop teaching when the test curriculum is covered; they give life tips and even go into further detail than was necessary for their class solely for the betterment of the student body. The school is significantly underrated. The only "complaint" I really have is that it isn't provided all the resources it needs/deserves, but despite the circumstances, they still seem to pull through.
Overall, the teachers and curriculum are great. However, the student populous isn't so great.
If I had a choice to go to this school I would not because the school is filled with people who's lives revolve around drama!
School has changed since I attended. New Principal.
The food is not great but its food. The students complain a lot about it.
There are many individual teachers that are good and go above and beyond.
There are some sports and many people attend the games.
The school has some college classes but they are expensive.
Team performance in previous years has been poor but recently the football has got better.
Its normal but there is no prevention of guns like metal detectors. There is also not a very secure way to stop intruders.
Only certain students are picked to participate in sports.
I think we could include more sports.
Besides conflict between groups of students, this school is pretty good. It's a smaller school with great teachers. I would choose to go here over any other option close by.
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The policies aren't really anything unusual. There's nothing I can really complain about.
There could be more athletic facilities and opportunities for students.
The school offers several AP classes that students take. There's a sufficient amount of honors classes offered.
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