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What I like about Pendleton County High School is that they are always trying to make sure the student are having a great day when we walk in the doors. The school is always having some type of activity either during school or after school. We will have a themed week once in a while, so the students can have fun.I have always felt safe in the school. We practice our drill like we are suppose to do.I have had the best experience at Pendleton County High School.
I feel very mixed about my school. While many of the teachers go out of their way to give students the best education possible, the decisions out of the teachers' control hamper the experience. A 24 minute class known as Pendleton Empowerment Period, was designed to help students with subjects not taught in the classroom, but has only served as a waste of time, as most of the classes consist of the teacher stating "I have nothing for you today, do what you want." Outside of this class, however, are many advanced placement opportunities, and many other resources to help students transition into going to college or into the workplace.
For the most part the school is ok just like another school has it problems. The acedemic side does really well sometimes, what i would like to see is more project based learning and more opportunities for those who don't take test well to succeed. I'd also like to see more help and encouragement for students who might not be set on a path for college.
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This school has teachers and administration that really care about you and you're really getting a great education that will prepare you for college.
We have a cop on campus but he's more of a mascot.
Lunch is disgusting and milks are always expired.
Principles pick and choose which policies they want to enforce that day. Certain children get special treatment.
There are teachers that actually care about you but they are few and far between.
The parents are always engaging with their kids. They want to know what's going on in the school and in the class rooms. The school board is always up to making new changing and helping the school.
There's everything to student council and staff to chess club and archery club. Theres FEA and FCCLA. Where people can learn about cooking, leaning about the real world and if they want to teach. There's plenty of clubs like football, soccer, bowling, archery, basketbal, baseball and tennis.
At Pendleton County High School over half the school is involved is a sport, club, or organization. Our school is friendly and popular for the students "attending" everyday. The is pee pressure but I thibk there is peer pressure in every school, some worse than others. Students as well as faculty do not discriminate other for there: skin color, sexual life, or cause they get not so good grades compared to others.
Our athletic teams aren't awful. We have a few district tournaments under our belts and maybe even a region or two but only the boy's soccer team has ever gone to state
Pendleton County High School is just very average. I think there are a few policies that the administration just don't care to enforce and nobody can do anything about it. It's sort of like a corrupt government.
I'm not very picky like most of my friends when it comes to eating so I ate school lunches and breakfasts. There were some occasional meals i refused to eat but for the most part it's a decent school lunch.
It very average. You have your awful teachers who seriously have no control over their classroom and their students literally sit and do nothing for an entire year. But you also have your shining stars who go well beyond the call of duty to make sure that their students are learning and succeeding and will do anything in their power to help their students.
I knew coming out of Pendlton County I wouldn't be prepared for the "real world" and i also know that in my college classes I would not be as prepared as other students from across the state and even the nation.
We have very good knowledgably teachers
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Many opportunities for the kids to take part in
There are a variety of clubs for the students to participate in.
The facilities have recently been updated and are very nice.
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