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Its horrible and they tought me nothing I think they should close and I dont think they taught me at all
I enjoy the High school the most teachers are willing to to help their students. I would like to see the lunch food be better and better communication with staff and students then we need the custodians not to have the air conditioner on in the winter months and the heater on on summer.
Throughout high school I had a ton of subs and was unable to learn to my best ability. I finally decided to do dual credit to get the education I deserve
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I had only one true opportunity, and it was from the dual credit program. I got my associates degree my junior year of high school, which was good, but after that, there was really nothing for me there. Its a decent, small school that's pretty average. Its good if you live in the area, but its nothing special.
I liked being able to participate in dual credit classes. I enjoyed playing sports and representing my school. The one thing that needs to change however,, is some of the high school teachers. If you don't take dual credit classes, you have to take classes with unhelpful or crazy teachers. More high school classes need to be made available for students.
I've made so many friends at this school and have had a great experience with the teachers. The education offered is great and the opportunities I've been given are amazing.
the school provides many opportunities to do our best. We are funded to attend NNMC for free to pursue an associates degree. the staff is very caring about students. If a student needs help, the teacher is willing to stay after school to tutor the student. The academics it the top priority for the school, to get the students college ready. The school is very safe, we have a closed campus and it limits who is allowed to enter. the facilities are very good and are kept with high maintenance.
The workload can be somewhat harsh sometimes but most of the time its managable
I'm not really active in extracurriculars
My school is pursuing our educations. We have dual credit classes for anyone in high school with a 2.5 or higher.
The teachers are over all great, we just don't have the best funding for all activities. It'd be nice if we did because we would be able to get more students. We're a really small school and funding for other activities would allow students to be more involved. It'd also help encourage school spirits.
The school security is decontamination but I think it could be bettwr
Basketball is the schools top priority and don't really save alot of funding for other things like the cheer tram and soccer
In this small town alot of the parents are more worried about who the students hang out with or when the vacations are
The staff dose as much as they can and as of technology they would incorporate it into the lessons but our school dosnt have the best technology.
the music program from 2008 to 2010 was great.
Everyone mostly keeps to themselves.
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The teachers are willing to teach.
I'm in several clubs and I stay pretty busy.l
We need more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.
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