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help i literally cannot survive here anymore this is the worst school i’ve ever been too i’ve never even met my guidance counselor. filthy dirty
I really liked the positive learning environment of Pembroke High School. I graduated last year and I feel as thought they really provided me great resources to be successful at MCPHS University.
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I didn't expect to like Pembroke High as much as I did, but it's a good school. The athletic department is great, and the music department (in my opinion) is the best part of the school. Overall, pretty good.
I enjoyed the relationships I developed with classmates, volleyball team members, and others involved in the music department. I did not like the way the school day was organized, having 6 one hour classes each day. My favorite classes were the AP level ones I took because the teachers were very devoted to the curriculum.
The teachers are very kind and helpful. I have gained a valuable education here, as well as enjoyed my time playing sports and being involved in the music department.
Pembroke High School has an amazing performing arts department and a large variety of opportunities for extracurricular activities. All of my teachers have been kind and fair, making learning interactive and engaging.
I have always felt comfortable reaching out to teachers and school administrators on any issues, questions or concerns. The administration is very approachable and positive. My children have immersed themselves into many activities that the school offers and are prepared for their future years at college.
It was average, needs teachers who actually enjoy working with teenagers. A variety of classes are limited, making it difficult to figure out what you may want to do with life after high school is over. They should add more electives, in order to guarantee students at least one class they'd like. I ended up taking electives I couldn't care less about my senior year because I didn't want to/need to take another core class.
Pembroke High School is an okay school. The teachers are very pleasing and always up to help students. Student life is a little negative as the community is very negative towards each other. Not that hard to pass classes if you study all the materials given.
I love the environment and the staff around makes it feel very comfortable. I really feel like the teachers truly want us to succeed and this has helped me to reach my full potential.
Most of the teachers care deeply about their students. The music program is also very rigorous and well known in the area for its performances.
The teachers care deeply about the success of the students and after a few rough years in middle and elementary schools, this high school is an improvement. Many of the students are motivated to join the military and this small town has a great sense of community.
Overall, my experience was quite good, as I have received a solid education and have had a great experience as a student at Pembroke High School
I was immersed in the Music Program for all 4 years. I played trumpet in the Marching Band,which had about 140 kids,Jazz Band and Honors Wind Ensemble. Through the music program,I made most of my friends and being part of these bands made student life so much more enjoyable.
I graduated from phs 3 years ago, it’s a public school in the suburbs of Massachusetts. Overall the experience I had at Phs was lukewarm, could have gone better but definitely could’ve gone worse.
When I was a freshman computer science had just started in school and I spent my four years working with the infancy of this new system. While I worked to build up a reputation for classes, projects and clubs under the computer science field I never saw the school embracing it like it did other academics. Anyone will a big interest in computerization will be given opportunity here but it aside from the teacher the school didn't seem to care while I was attending. Academics are taken serous at this school and if your interests are more focused towards history, natural sciences, English, or the arts this school has large departments with many more dedicated students that draw the attention of administration. Every department has its good and bad teachers where some may inspire you and others help you realise how much you hate their subject
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Performing arts department is excellent. The town really supports this program. The teachers are mostly tuned into their students. It gave me a great basis to apply to colleges.
Pembroke High School was a great place to grow. I took advantage of all of the AP and Honors classes that I could and got involved in many clubs/ activities. Almost all of my teachers were excellent and prepared me for college. However, I do think that the administration has started to move backwards. A time passes, I see the students there being viewed not as young adults but much younger members of our community. Although the administration is only trying to help, there must come a time when students have to take their own initiative. Although holding study sessions for midterms might make sense for freshmen students, sophomores should already know what is happening.
I loved some of the teachers at Pembroke high. Some of them were incredibly supportive and seemed to genuinely care about their students. This made my time there significantly more fun and helped me learn more than I otherwise would have. The arts program is also amazing and accepting. Pembroke really knows how to perform while also having fun doing it. My least favorite thing about the school is that it is getting old. Every year some part of the school is shut down due to floods or boiling water falling from the ceiling etc. That and the fact that some bathrooms are closed due to students vaping and setting off the fire alarm definitely made my time at pembroke high worse.
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