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Pell City High School offers a great choice and variety for extracurricular classes. I loved having so many options to choose from. It's hard to find schools that offer so much, especially in Alabama.
I love the teachers and the environment. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and really try to make sure that everyone understands it.
I like the fact that it is very community friendly and an average size school. Most of the teachers are great. Shout out to Coach Simmons for being a great history teacher and all the math teachers. Most of the science department needs improving. As well as the building itself. It is a bit outdated, with many leaks and such. We definitely need more available programs and organizations for career paths. The school definitely needs to pay more attention to other sports besides football. For example, the girls soccer program has been more successful than most sports. As well as Tenis and softball. We overall need more school spirit and diversity, and opportunities for going out into the workforce or college.
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The math department is fantastic because the teachers do an amazing job helping the students understand. The band is a wonderful community.
Overall, it was a pretty good school. I would have liked to have more variety of course options, but other than that it was great. They were very accepting when a girl wanted to join the football team as well, and I'll never forget it!
My experience at Pell City High School is pretty tough. I really enjoy getting to help others. The faculty at PCHS is outstanding. They are really great mentors, and friends. Although high school can be really stressful with all the assignments and exams the teachers find a way to help us relieve some of the stress. Whether it is a fun learning game or even just a 5 minute brake. I have had some rough times in my first year of high school. The hardest thing I think I have seen and experienced would be bullying. I didn't bring it to authorities attention when I was being bullied at first. But the I realized that I had a great team on my side and that I could trust them. As soon as I brought the problem to the authorities it was taken care of. PCHS has helped me grow and believe in myself.
I think that Pell City High School is a great place to meet friends because of the many different extracurricular activities that are available. The teachers are amazing and make efforts to aid in your life outside of school, however I do not feel that we are learning what we need to learn. I also believe the college
and career counselors are not doing their best work there. It is very hard to get an appointment with them and when you do, they are not helpful.
This school is very good the teachers here are amazing and they always work with their students to make sure they get everything turned in on time.
Overall the school is an amazing place to attend. Many of the teachers are there for the student's best interests and they strive to help every student reach their potential. I don't really have any improvements I would make to the school, it has a lovely environment and range of study.
Some of the teachers literally do not teach. They sit and play YouTube videos that have nothing to do with the coursework and then complain that the class knows none of the material.
Great school, Teachers are nice and help the students when the students need help. The classes are not extremely difficult.
I'd love to see teachers who care about the educational value that the students receive. The food is definitely not the best and a wider range of preparation for college and careers would be beneficial. Students should have to hate coming to an environment in which the main purpose is to learn.
There are several clubs to participate in. The only thing I would change is the range of academics that our school has. There needs to be a larger variety of classes.
Pell City High school, isn’t the best school system out there but it also isn’t the worst. Sports and Beta club are our top priorities. The arts get overlooked the majority of the time, but we make do with what we have. We have an engineering lab equipped for our robotics club and future engineers. The staff has a great passion for education, out-of-the-box thinking, and an ambition to change the world.
The things I like about Pell City High School is that we learn a lot and we're unique. The Sports areas are great especially our football team. We're very unique. We work as a group together to accomplishment our goals in life.
Pell City Highschool has great teachers, always kind and encourage students to ask questions and be involved in class activities. But the administration isn’t fair not even to the teachers and take sides with student problems. They Leo don’t support most student ideas on how to improve the school system. I would change how involved they allow the parents to be, if I don’t tell my mother important information she would never know. I also would change how poorly the facility is taken care of, like bathrooms, classrooms and etc...
The education here at Pell City High School was actually really great. I loved attending here every single day. I took the advanced with honors track and the teachers that I had loved teaching and they would help each and every student. If only the school had enough resources to give each student a better opportunity to learn. Pell City High School has many opportunities for students who want to seek college and many more for people who do not. There are several programs to participate in such as the CNA program, or welding program, or Pharmacy program for people to find a good career right out of high school. The school tries their absolute best to give all of the students the opportunity to come out of high school successfully. There are also many clubs that even I participate in such as BETA, Book Club, FFA, Scholars Bowl, Debate, Math Team, FBLA, Robotics Club, Interact Club, etc. I loved my time here.
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There are a lot of great qualities about Pell City High School, but there are also a lot of things that I think could be changed to make it better. At PCHS, there are a lot of different opportunities for different people with different personalities. It is very easy to find a club or an activity or a class to take that you can fit in with. Although there is a lot of good in my school, there are also things that should be changed. There is nothing special about Pell City. For instance, there need to be a lot of changes within the school as far as keeping it nice. Often times I find the school very dirty and in need of some renovations. I also feel like there could be a lot more effort put into making high school an enjoyable experience.
Okay so... where to start. First off you have to have an ID In order to eat. That´s withholding essentials from a child. You get detention for even trying to eat without an ID.
I love my school and the teachers that take the time to help me further my education to become the person I want to be
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