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I felt ready for college after graduating from PHS in 2018. I took ten Dual Enrollment classes, a feature unique to Pelham compared to many other schools, and am now graduating from college in three years instead of four. I thoroughly enjoyed my junior and senior years, specifically in that I had more freedom to choose classes I wanted to take rather than have to take required courses--and this is where I figured out what I wanted to study in college. The teachers are very nice, especially in the English and Social Studies departments where I thrived the most. I participated in several Honor Societies which were led by great teachers and students. Overall, I had a pleasant experience at PHS.
Pelham High School is seen as a small school to me. Only having 600 or so students, but still smaller than surrounding schools. In my school I seem to be in different ones with people i generally like. My school is not bad at all. the teachers are really friendly to the students, even me as well. I talk to them frequently for assistance or just have general conversations with them. I feel this helps with student and teacher connections. My school may have some people out of the ordinary, but it doesn't affect how we learn. some people just act like they don't care about our school because they think it's horrible, but I don't see. that. It has potential to become better, but for me I really like it there. My High School is a good school with more to overcome and become better. Teachers are nice and I've made many friends with them and other students to help make my school experience fun. I feel that college will be more of a challenge and this school really helps me prep for that.
Pelham High School has provided me with the best 4 years of my life. Most of the teachers and staff really care about the health and well being of the students that attend this school. Especially, throughout this whole COVID-19 situation and switching to remote learning our principal and teachers have been sending emails to check up on us.
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I have had a wonderful experience during high school here at Pelham High School. The teachers have given me an exceptional education and I feel as though I have a strong foundation to continue my higher education.
Pelham High School was okay, but I don't miss it. They did have plenty of opportunities for extra curriculars to keep students busy after school, however they missed the mark academically. Unfortunately there was so much turn over with teachers and faculty that none of the departments were very strong. They way they dealt with learning disabilities did not accommodate all of the students. In addition, their mental health program was weak and the SEL program was upsetting to students with emotional disabilities. I would only reccomend it to especially successful students academically and/or athletically.
I wish the school was more diverse. It's easy to feel left out. However, this has started to change, thankfully. Teachers are a bit of a toss up. There are many extremely well-versed teachers who know their students and the subject they are teaching, but there are also those that refuse to listen and can barely give a lecture on the subject they've been assigned to.
Some of the teachers at this school are really understanding and helpful to their students. Others aren't as passionate. The student population can be quite toxic but bullying is almost unheard of here.
Pelham High School has a lot of different classes but there has been a large staff turnover recently.
Throughout my four years at Pelham High School in Pelham, New Hampshire, I feel as if I didn't reach my full potential. Especially during my time there as a Senior. I had received little support and guidance from my assigned counselor regarding the college process and I ended up graduating with little to no knowledge of how that process works. As the first in my generation to attend college, I required all the help I could get but, unfortunately, I didn't receive such. My counselor did not reach out to me about such matters and I ended up seeking guidance elsewhere. Overall, my experience at Pelham High School was okay at best but, it could have been much, much better.
The Teachers that guided me through the year's. Our principle
Mr. Dempsey for his guidance and support. My coach Babain who also received coach of the year award. I'm very proud that I attended Pelham High school NH. The teachers and staff are very dedicated to the students and there willing to help
Pelham High is a small school, therefore it is a close knit community, almost like a large extended family gathering each day. This provides great opportunity for school spirit. Classes are either difficult or painfully easy. Overall, the curriculum could be more challenging. There is however, always places to seek help, whether with teachers or other students, for those more challenging classes. Pelham High also allows its students to take running start classes which is a quality that makes me grateful. By taking these classes, in terms of cost and education, students here are already one foot ahead in college. Being apart of such a small school allows the teachers to learn every student on a personal basis, making learning all the more impactful. My experience at Pelham High School has been overall, a wonderful experience of which has given me the opportunity to reach my future goals.
Overall, there have never been any issues with PHS. I did have some times when I was going back and forth with the school regarding my educational rights as a student on the autism spectrum. But in the end things got resolved. They helped me get into a credit recovery program through Londonderry High School where I was able to finish the one credit that I needed to graduate with my Standard Highschool Diploma
Pelham High School has made tremendous improvement in the fast five years all-around, however, student input is still needed in order to achieve the motto "inspiring success one mind at a time". My experience at the school has been fortunately beneficial to my academic improvement, but this is not the case for the student body especially in the math department. Extremely impressive and inspiring arts and music department, impressive athletic records despite the school's small size.
I like the culture that the school has and the sense of community you feel when you attend this school. My experience with most teachers has been positive. Many of them strife to instill skills that will be important for life outside of high school.
Pelham High School is an up and coming school. From my experience from Freshman to Senior year many things have changed for the good of each student.
Overall, I had a good experience at Pelham High School. The teachers were great, and the administration was good. Admittedly, I was not a fan of some of the changes that were made during my time at the school. A number of schedule changes and construction made my time hectic and sometimes confusing. However, besides this (and the poor food), I had a great time. Everyone I met was friendly and supportive, and I never had any issues when it came to education. Work was hard, but fair, and I am a better student because of it. Safety was never an issue, and resources were available. Overall, I would recommend Pelham High School to anyone willing to put in the work required for a good education.
Despite being a small, public high school, Pelham High does an excellent job in connecting with students. Clubs are well-funded, with the FIRST Robotics team even being granted three new laptops for the upcoming year. Renovations to the high school have further contributed to the creation of an exceptional learning environment, including new science laboratories, a functional cafeteria, modern bathrooms with automatic sinks and toilets, and even a makerspace.
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You can succeed and have fun if you get involved however a majority of the teachers, ESPECIALLY in math, are not interested in actually teaching you the material. They are very clearly focused on just getting you to understand enough information to pass the test and then move on. Additionally the Administration has failed to listen to and has even attempted to degrade the integrity of the voices of the students and teachers in order to achieve their agenda.
Pelham High School had some great teachers, but overall I did not feel prepared when I went to college.
Coming from a small town the public school is rather small. Some teachers are passionate about success for students others just do what they need to do to get payed. Personally I didn't think it was terrible, there was a lot of missed opportunities the school saw come and go.
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