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Pecos is an amazing place to play sports at. Pecos is a top small school To play sports at. The academics can and improve and are improving. The kids are amazing students and always take care of business in the class before any of there sports. I think that reflects on the teachers really well!!
Pecos High School is very average at pretty much everything, other than sports. Academics can be improved, but they're getting better. Pecos is a small town so there is a small group of people with little diversity. Most teachers do they're best to prepare the students for long term goals. After the Gear-Up program has been discontinued there is a small college readiness. There are maybe five clubs and activities at the school.
My high school experience at Pecos High School was ultimately very average. The academics, certrainly need help but are also average. The boys basketbal, track team, the cheer team, and the cross country achieved a state title. Almost all students are Hispanic/Latino, so not much diversity. Most teachers do a great job at teaching their students. There is a gear up program, which gets students ready for careers and college. There are not very many clubs or activities, there is the guardians, student council, and Spanish club.
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The teachers at this school are nice and helpful when it comes down to it, but they are not strict when it comes to what you are doing in the classroom. Also, I would have liked to learn more about everyday skills that I need to know. Most of what they taught us were things we would need to know for PARCC exams.
What i liked about Pecos High School was all the amazing opportunities the school gave us. For example, Junior year, as a student, you begin to take college classes. This is an amazing way to start a community college and get a feeling of what college is like. Thanks for the school giving us this opportunity, myself as a senior in high school, will be graduating from both high school and community college. I would not like anything to change about my school. Everything and everyone was great here and i am grateful for attending Pecos High School.
My personal experience at Pecos High was great, Working with the staff and students is wonderful everyone is so welcoming.
My experience at this school has been great. Everyone in the school and surrounding community are very outgoing and usually supportive of our academic and athletic programs. What makes this school unique is that we have a great basketball and cross country team, our town stands behind us and it feels great to belong to a great school! I would choose this school again because there is nothing I regret about attending Pecos High school.
I love Pecos High school! The teachers are very knowledgeable and use good practices to help us learn. My favorite subject is English and the reason being is our English teacher is my favorite as well! She is very easy to understand yet goes into specific detail and teaches us more than adequately.

As far as grading goes, my teachers have usually always been very good about it. I have never encountered problems with work being lost or waiting on papers to be graded.
Academics are not really cared about. Athletes fly by, everyone else who actually likes school slips through the cracks because they are not athletes so are therefore not important.
Sports are priority at this school.
The teachers are not that bad, some are really good if you give them the chance.
No one seems to care.
The food is actually pretty good.
There's not too much going on other than sports.
For the most part each student gets along with each other. Student involvement is great we attend school functions together. Everyone treats each other with respect. Our religion plays a significant role because we were for the most part raised together.
Every year our counselor makes sure each student is taking their basics. four years math,science, history and English. The workload is prominent enough time to meet deadlines. Everyone gets along in classes there separated by grade level.
Our school athletic program is great. More than half our school are student athletes. School always comes first before sports. Parents are the best support at sporting events. Our cheerleaders have won state 3 years in a row.
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In our English Department we have New Mexico Teacher of the Year. She stays on top of us and makes sure we have good grades and we understand the criteria. Our math is struggling with geometry and algebra 1 and 2. But the higher students like myself are able to be taught with a teacher that teaches us a dual enrollment class college algebra. The other math teacher is great she has a after school tutoring session to help with homework and other things. Communication with students and teachers is great we all get along mostly because were all from the same community.
Our school has been remodeled. Classrooms are bigger the cafeteria is nice. For break we are able to go outside and hang out in the court yard. Our school offers great tutoring programs especially for Math. Our school prepares us for standardized tests and ACT readiness. Parent involvement is great they attend most school functions and stay in contact with teachers.
At my school there are sports like volleyball, basketball,softball,baseball, track and cross country. We also have academic clubs such as MESA, student council, debate team and Spanish club. Each sporting event is surrounded with school faculty, parents of students and of course student body.
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