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What I like about Pebblebrook High School is its diversity of students, the different types of clubs you can join, a culinary arts program, and very helpful teachers. What I would change about the school is the size of the classrooms. Some have too many students, and it's almost overcrowded.
Ever since our new principal came in, Pebblebrook in general has become a better place to learn. There is plenty of staff that is very approachable and once you put great focus on their academics, it becomes a lot easier every time to be at Pebblebrook. The only concerning thing there is the people someone may surround themselves with because it is such a big school, you will find a little bit of every kind of person there. But once you find your fit, everything should be fine.
As a Pebblebrook Alumni, it was overall a good experience. Most of the teachers are nice and understanding. The students are full of school spirit and they show it. I would like for the cafeteria to be cleaner and for the food to be upgraded. The restrooms also need some maintenance like fixing the stalls, mirrors, and toilet pipes.
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I like the new principal; she definitely seems to care about the students and is very involved. However, one of the main issues with the school is the sheer number of students. The counselors are not very effective due to the demand and it can be a struggle to simply switch classes.
it was fun, had great teachers, fun events, and many opportunities. the culinary arts program was the highlight of my experience
As a 2020 Graduate I will say that Pebblebrook taught me a lot of life lessons. Some Good some Bad but for the most part I enjoyed my school. I was apart of The Performing Arts Program(CCEPA) where I learned Technical Theater. My teacher were good for the Most part but the Math department needs work. I will say the teachers at Pebblebrook are very helpful. I will always cherish my High School Years at the Brook. We are a Family! #Class of 2020 #BrookSquad
A great school starts with great leadership. We have the BEST principal I've seen so far. She is firm but nurturing, she is very intelligent but breaks it down to a level for the kids to understand, she is compassionate but pushes you to achieve excellence. We are fortunate to have such great leadership which in turn creates great students.
The school can be really fun if you join the right classes and apply yourself to activities. Marching band was a great way to make bonds, and AP teachers were very down to earth and possessed great teaching styles. Many of my AP teachers inspired me to work hard, and they made class enjoyable to come to.
My experience at Pebblebrook highschool was exciting. This was my first year attending this school and I loved the diversity, the student and school participation in our school activities, and the dedication from the staff. We had a new principal this year and she strives for nothing but greatness for all of her students, and it shows in the activities, the guidelines that are placed and the teachers who work there. We have a huge amount of electives that consist of information that students actually need for life. Like every other school it has its days but overall the school is wonderful and I cant wait to see what our principal has in store for us on our senior year
I really enjoyed Pebblebrook, the teachers truly cared and always want whats best for the students. I was in the Performing Arts program and it was amazing. Pebblebrook truly cares for its students and produces stars.
I like the diversity at Pebblebrook high school, and the fact that everyone is very accepting of others. The principal is amazing and the teachers are wonderful. It genuinely feels like a safe space, but it can get to be to much at times. There is overcrowding, and sometimes there are not enough materials to go around.
My experience in Pebblebrook is pretty average. I just wish it was more clubs and more volunteer opportunities
I got to meet good friends and teachers who really care about me. They're willing to help me even after High school.
Overall— Pebblebrook was a good school. I enjoyed my four years of attending there, but if I were completely honest i’d say that the school environment was just not as well as it should be: but other than that the teachers that I had were all good teacher and all had their best way in teaching. I will miss Pebblebrook High School because of all the beautiful memories I made there, like my first day as a freshman to the unexpected last day of my senior year. I just wish everything were different so I could’ve have made more over-lasting memories with all my friends & teachers! But sadly it wasn’t… but at least I had the pleasure of attending there and being part of a good high school in Cobb county, and no matter what others say about Pebblebrook I will forever cherish it and to all those beautiful moments created there by the class of 2020!
Pebblebrook was an ok school although it could’ve been better. The school was dirty and and the building were old . Some of the teachers were really nice and cared about our education, however Pebblebrook has some teachers that rarely taught their class and only gave book work . The food isn’t that good either . Some of chicken is pink when you eat it and hard to chew , and The salads look old. But our school became better when our new principal came . She gave us more time to get to class and offered food trucks to us . She also painted out bathrooms and added inspirational quotes . She cared out the students and staff .
Pebblebrook is good school with multiple programs and opportunities to grow. Also diverse where you can meet all types of people. I would recommend this school. I would like to see more at school incentives.
This year with the new principal, we’ve had many new, and great changes. Our entire school is getting renovated and we are finally adding a stem program to the school and more AP classes.
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I liked the diversity of students and the school spirit there is! The teachers are nice and caring. The principal does her best to make it fun and takes time to listen to what her students would like to see.
Pebblebrook is a some what diverse school with great teachers. The administration made the school feel extremely safer compared to the past. Overall Pebblebrook is a great place to build bonds with teachers and friends.
what i love the most from my school is the Performing Arts Program, in my personal opinion the fine arts teachers are very professional, and as a member of orchestra i can happily tell that being in Pebblebrook High School will open many opportunities to those who love music.
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