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overall a good high school to attend, the food is not so good though but some of the teachers really do want you to succeed and will help you
I loved the teachers at Pearce. The AP teachers are very motivated and involved. However, some rules at Pearce make you feel like you are still in elementary school, such as only having a 25 minute lunch break. As a high schooler, lunch is our only time for a break, so a normal amount of time would help destress me throughout the day.
I loved the communities that I am in but academics is a grueling thing to succeed in just because everyone here is exceptionally smart and drives to be the best. This can definitely put a strain on a teen who wants to exceed in academics.
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I would really change a thing about Pearce! My daughters both had an excellent experience there, and my most recent graduate (2017) was SO well prepared when she got to college.
Pearce High School is a great school with a great environment that breeds success in its students. I have made lifelong friends and have increased my level of knowledge tremendously.
Pearce was honestly one of the best High School experiences I think I could've ever gotten. From the environment to the staff, every single thing in the school is great. I was a member of the Varsity orchestra and, God am I thankful for them. The atmosphere with other musicians are like a second family to me.
The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Very diverse campus with lots of opportunities for any kind of student.
Pearce is a great high school with amazing teachers and staff who are actually concerned about the learning experience. I learned a lot in my 4 years of schooling at Pearce and have loved all of my teachers. The only thing I would change is there are slight issues with bullying and drama and it needs to be resolved, but that is not the schools fault it is the students.
Pearce High School is one of the best schools in the Richardson area. First off, the academics are above average with high standardized test scores. There is a high diversity ratio and many amazing extracurricular programs. Some of the extracurricular that Pearce is most competitive in are theater, basketball, band, and soccer. Also, the construction on the school is finished so the new facilities are nice and up to date. For me the teachers have helped me have a great experience and Pearce is a place that continues to further the education of young people like myself.
J. J. Pearce High School is a school of constant diversity and endless opportunities. I enjoy going here because of the college preparedness programs.
I enjoyed going to Pearce high school and really enjoyed my teachers and the friends I made here along with my classes. Her was a big problem with cliques here and there is a lot of bullying as well.
They have almost any type of class that you need. If only we could get better computers like macs, but the district can't afford it right now...
I like that Pearce Highschool offers AP classes and duel credit to help with college credit, but the teachers should be more engaged in what they do. Some of the teachers seem like they hate their lives and don't want to be teaching and that should be improved. I also think the way material is taught could be improved to be more engaging.
I love that teachers really care about the students, but I would love to see the rules enforced for everyone (especially dress code) not just for some people.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and kind! The best part is that the teachers are very knowledgeable and kind!
Can't even breathe in the main hall bathrooms. You're gonna have to take a stroll to the band hall bathrooms if you don't wanna smell bad. Some of the teachers are pretty cool and I have continued taking their classes. Meanwhile, some are more questionable. Thankful for them on bringing back early dismissal and late arrival if you exceded your credits. Sometimes I feel like the school is just wanting to make money off of us. They care more about football since it's their money maker.
JJ Pearce High School has certainly given me a nice high school experience. Our athletics programs are some of the most successful in the area, and our fine arts are even more to talk about- the theatre department being one of the best of high schools in the country.
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JJ Pearce High School did a great job of preparing you for college, especially if you took any AP classes. I graduated in June 2018, and I loved my experience. There were several different activities within the school that accounted for several different students' interests. The teachers and counselors were extremely supportive and always willing to help students. They would always even take a step further to make sure they could connect with us.
The thing I like about my high school name Pearce High School is the safety and the classes they offer.I say safety because there are two police officers that work for our school so we can be safe of any danger.We as students feel more protected by them.I like the classes offered because there are different electives you can choose from that you like.
Pearce is such a great high school. So many memories made there that I will cherish forever! The community of students, teachers and faculty that you can find if you try is amazing. If I could go back and do it again, I would in a heart beat!
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