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Peak to Peak is a school with a safe environment and the school is very focused on students’ personal success. However the school is very academically focused and so they lack in sports and community events. There is also a lot of disconnect between the students despite P2P being a small school.
All of the teachers were really passionate about their jobs. The retake system helped me out the most along with the CRS classes that seniors were required to take. The only part about Peak to Peak I didn't like was the culture.
Pretty strong but needs work! We're slipping in our ratings. I am a parent of lots of P2P students. We've been in the community since the founding years. We appreciate all the school + excellent teachers give students. It is awesome to witness the positive development of students in their journey through this k-12 school. Yet, would like to see more parent-donated funds benefitting classrooms and teachers instead of conference rooms. Supporting student innovation instead of administrative. Would like to see P2P return to being more of the founders vision of a student-focused school where, as John F. Kennedy said "a rising tide lifts all boats".
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Peak to Peak Charter School is an excellent school, particularly for college readiness and all academics. The teachers are very well chosen and create good, genuine connections with the students. There are many opportunities not available at other schools, such as free preparation for standardized tests and the college application process. The staff does everything to ensure students pass their classes and get all of the required credits. There are many clubs, and students are allowed to make clubs if they so desire. The music department is very good.
Great school! All the teachers are super supportive and welcoming not only that but all the students are generous and supportive as well. It has been growing over the years and expanding with new classes and clubs/sports. One thing i would change would be the food service.
Peak to Peak is excellent as a college readiness school, and you really feel prepared for the rigor of university.

While the community is a little lacking, you really get to know your peers because of the size of the school.

The classes are hard, and there is something of a competitive environment around academics but in the end these work to the benefit of your college applications and acceptance.
Peak to Peak is great academically and is definitely the reason that many of the kids at the school get into great universities. However, the school is really small, and many of the kids have attended since early elementary years, so the social aspect of the school is incredibly lacking.
The teaching staff, however, is absolutely amazing and from my experience, 9/10 teachers are incredibly involved with the kids, and in many instances they have been better instructors than the professors that I have had at my Top 20 University.
P2P is still going strong ! Though I am sad students can no longer take accelerated classes in the areas of their strengths or get exposure to material that shows up on SAT and ACT exams through advanced MS classes and a well-supported spiraling curriculum, there is lots to recommend about this charter school. It is still a small school. Parents are often involved with their students' educations, diversity is common and character is emphasized strongly in the lower grades.
As a whole I am grateful for the opportunities Peak has provided. Although the academics are rigorous, the teachers are kind, helpful, and frankly overqualified. The culture is a little strange since around sixty to seventy percent of every grade has known each other and been around each other since elementary school or middle school, however it is undeniable that most of the kids who have been there the longest have taken upon themselves the values of Peak to Peak. My two criticisms of the school itself are that they can care more about their reputation than their students, and that the humanities are not nearly as valued as math and science.
They *allegedly* spent $25000 on a rock garden that we can't walk in instead of getting new computers or desks, also the parents park in the student parking lot so there is no parking for students who *allegedly* are the only people that actually need to be here.
I've been going to Peak to Peak for 7 years. I've enjoyed my time at school, even though it is a smaller high school. It's a rigorous college prep school and students get lots of support and guidance in the college process. Peak to Peak will prepare any student to be able to meet the expectations of college through their study skills, time management emphasis, academic programs and one on one college counseling.
I love that we start college prep (Naviance) in middle school so that by high school, we already have a general idea of the college search process. In high school, there are tons of elective classes available for those who enjoy art, music, technology, and those who are passionate about math and science can double up on those courses in place of an elective. There are numerous clubs to participate in- I enjoy being a part of Allies (an LGBTQ+ club), National Honors Society, National Art Honors Society, and Interact Club (part of Rotary). Although we don't have a football or swim team, we do take pride in our soccer and tennis teams who go to state and sometimes national matches almost every year. It's going to be hard to let go of a place that I've attended for 13 years, but since then it's improved so much and will just keep getting better for the future classes.
They are fantastic about preparing you for college and with the application process. The only problems I have with them is that they are STEM focused so there isn't a whole lot of room to take other classes you may be interested in. The school is very competitive academically so don't send your kid if you don't think they can handle it.
My experience at peak was phenomenal it’s a charter school so we didn’t have sports or food programs that is why they are poorly rated. however everything else was amazing and prepared me to be a successful college student. the reason diversity is low is because the staff is very small but you get to know everyone which I think is great! They really do help you strive for greatness I have since in college received academic recognition because of the tools they gave me in high school.
There is no school spirit whatsoever but they train you to be ready for college. This is an extremely small school, there's probably like 600 students only. This school is very rigorous and has way too much homework. I recommend someone to come to this school if they are prepared on how much you need to try but I feel like it is worth it. This school was also ranked #96 of the hardest schools in America according to the Washington Post. The food is decent, we got dominos either on Friday or Monday every week. The gossip in our school is just about grades so it's not really a regular high school. We also don't have a football team. Some sports get all the funding and some don't get any at all. A lot of other kids that don't go to this school make fun of it but I'm half proud to say that I go to the best school in Colorado.
It's an extremely hard school. I have been going to Peak to Peak since 6th grade and it has been difficult. They are a college-prep school so they keep pushing you to try your best but I think they are doing an excellent job of preparing you to fit right in for college. Our school is extremely small though so we don't have any school spirit.
They say college prep, but I've learned about so many things they neglected to inform me about after graduation that are impacting me greatly. I trusted my AP teachers to know all about the submission process and am paying for what they mislead me on. P2P doesn't know what they're saying half of the time.
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Peak to Peak is the sad kid in the corner who ends up going to a top college. I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else in Colorado because the academics are unparalleled except by private schools on the East Coast. The primary focus is definitely academics, though certain clubs such as Speech and Debate and NHS are also very prevalent. Good school if you want to go to a top school and are ready to suffer.
Peak to Peak is a really great school that provided incredible guidance through my four years, and especially during the college application process of senior year. I loved my time here! The school spirit could be better, but it's definitely improved over the years, and the social scene is characterized by competition and can feel clique-y at times. Overall, the amazing education and general experience I had at Peak to Peak far outweigh the things that I would change. Go Pumas!
The school is helpful with college readiness when it comes to applying, but a majority of the staff and courses do not prepare you. The atmosphere is very tough and feels like everything is about school and we can't do anything else.
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