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They only cater to students that fit their preference of person. Anyone different gets lost. The school is all glitz and glamour but without any substance.
Peachtree ridge is a fun school that is very academically inclined. I wish it would have better teachers in the math department cause they suck. but overall the school is good
Very diverse student population. Great opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and clubs. Teachers are hit and miss. Most teachers are very good. Loved participating in Cross Country team for all 4 years of school. The coaching is in flux at this point for this team. Track team also has a new coach this year, will be interesting to see how this season goes. A new principal this year, still seeing how this is going. Most teachers I have had have been good. Several AP classes offered.
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I transferred to Peachtree Ridge at the beginning of my junior year; which was really hard since the school I was originally at was Ridge's rival. However, I was welcomed with open arms. The teachers were really sweet and understanding and the students were very nice to me. Peachtree Ridge has the highest success rate in College Board AP exams in the county and all I can say is that is hard earned. The curriculum for AP classes really shocked me, but when I took the exam I felt that I was ready and I was comfortable with the format of the tests because my teachers would form their tests the same way. The school itself is very nice and kept clean due to our wonderful custodian staff. They are truly a blessing to maintaining our campus. The only bad thing about this school is that there is only one parent drop off and it connects with the bus lanes causing a lot of traffic in the mornings.
It was an okay experience. The block scheduling is unbearable though, especially in the morning. It’s really hard to pay attention for an hour and a half. I graduated in 2018, and there were a lot of scandal coverups, and the administrators don’t handle issues very well. Nothing special about this school.
It been a great time here. Almost about to graduate soon. I'd say this school is great because the teachers are great, they offer a variety of classes and the diversity is amazing. The gwinnett county school district is easily one of the top school districts in the state of Georgia.
I attend Peachtree Ridge High School and I love it there. One of things I'm most proud of at my school is our diversity. We represent people from all over the world with our students and staff. Another thing I'm proud of is our athletic programs. Our football boys started off struggling in past years but as each year passes, they get better. Same goes for our girls basketball team. Our boys basketball have always been doing pretty good. Our other teams such as soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, and swimming may not have as good of seasons as our other teams but they have outstanding members of the team. We have over 10 students committed to colleges. Something I would change however, is the amount of support for these athletic programs, specifically for the girls teams. Players put their heart and soul into playing these games so it's kinda discouraging when no one acknowledges your hard work. So I guess I would just love to see a better unification in our school.
Very wide diverse school, with a bunch of different kind of clubs, and sports to participate in. We have a great selection of amazing teachers who not just want you to learn but also care about you, since we are on block schedule we really get to know our teachers
The grading system was changed this year and it completely sucks. It puts too much pressure on an already stressful environment and allows too much space for the beginning of the year mistakes to be the cause of a failing grade in the class
It's a really good school with good athletics and administrators. In the morning it's quiet, then once the buses arrive, it's the swarm. The library is very comfy and the staff are nice, lunch ladies are also nice if you treat them in a nice way. Overall this school is really good and hope it gets better in the future.
While overall this is a really good school, as a Fine Arts student it often feels like the arts are largely unnoticed and underappreciated. The arts are often drowned by the glory of sports and even the many academic achievements of the school. Not to discredit those achievements, because they are well deserved, but us Fine Arts students work just as hard and barely get any recognition for it. I have been in chorus all my four years of high school, and barely anyone ever shows up for our concerts. The same can be said for art shows, and band and orchestra concerts. It breaks my heart every time I see the marching band's half-time performance being ignored at football games. While I do take pride in the general "togetherness" of the school, I wish it was more inclusive towards everyone.
I really enjoy being in a High School with such diversity! The only issue is the school spirit but that depends on the students not exactly the school itself. One of my favorite things is the block schedule we work with because it allows me to take more classes per school year, such as language levels and any other subjects.
I love the culture at Peachtree Ridge High School. It is extremely diversified compared to other schools in the county, and there is a niche for every student. Our AP teachers prepare us well for exams, as well as honors teachers. With block scheduling, we receive extra class time that others schools don't. Thus, we are better prepared for exams. Furthermore, block scheduling allows students to focus only on four classes at a time, as opposed to seven or eight.

I feel extremely safe at Peachtree Ridge; the doors are locked at all times. Although our sports and food could be improved, I'm grateful that safety is always our administrators' first priority.

Although I'm interested in the English pathway, Peachtree Ridge offers an excellent STEM pathway, which features engineering. I am honored be a student at such an innovative school.
I love Peachtree Ridge High School because it is a huge school with various programs. And I love the teachers their. They are always there for me when I need hep. I am in a orchestra class and orchestra teachers are so amazing! They help me do well in the class and as a musician. They give me many opportunities to become a better musician for the future. I am always thankful them and want to go to college so that I can study more with music.
Honestly, I love this school. I came to this school as a freshman and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience since then. The AP teachers at this school are all really wonderful. I am not sure about the pre-ap or CP teachers as I have not taken that many classes with them. One thing that can be improved is weird systems that they always enforce (aka the quarter system). I am not a fan and this will honestly hurt a lot of people's GPAs. Along with all of that, I love the diversity at this school.
I would say my experience at Peachtree Ridge would be described as fun, every class I attend is very entertaining and educational while also some fun involved. Orchestra in my school is the best, the vibes given by the students and the teachers are relaxing which give all of us a sense of assurance. Overall the school is very good, the teachers and administration are very helpful when it comes to questions or help.
Peachtree Ridge a very diversified school with many opportunities to get involved in academics and sports !
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Peachtree Ridge High School is a very diverse school that is focused on student education. The classes here are rigorous and prepare you for college. The staff is helpful. If there was anything I would change it would be the grading scale.
I loved how well kept my school was. We had many resources and teachers were great. I wish there was more celebration on diversity and culture.
I had many great experiences at Peachtree Ridge. The school offered Dual enrollment and offered the opportunity to study abroad. A few teachers really cared about our education and our well-being.
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