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Pawnee Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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At Pawnee Schools, the education is severely lacking. Compared to my peers at other schools, I felt behind academically. Pawnee does not have the best teachers, though some do try their hardest to prepare their students for later on in life. I feel as though I have not been prepared for college at all and that I was not challenged academically as much as I could have been, along with my peers.
For such a small community, we often have fun opportunities to get outside of the classroom. I moved here in 5th grade, but almost all of the people here are nice. Now that I am going to be a senior in high school, I am glad that I have the opportunity to graduate from this school. It may be small, but it is very homey. This school can be what you make it!
I graduated from Pawnee High School and overall it was a great school. I enjoyed being a part of a small community. The teachers and faulty were all very nice and they were always helpful. I learned a lot going there and I made many friends. I think the most important thing was adjusting from a much bigger school to a small one like Pawnee. The parents were very evolved and organized a lot of fun activities for the students. I got student of the month during my attendance and I think that just shows that they really care about their students and want them to know they are doing a good job
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Our athletic facilities are up to date and are very useful to the sports teams. I would say that our school spirit has gone down from previous years. This is probably due to society's views and students having other stuff to do.
While some students are actively involved in clubs and organizations, others aren't. You are pretty much in with the sports group and academic group, or you are in your own group. Peer pressure is a factor at our school and it does influence how students act.
Our school has recently made a lot of changes concerning the safety of the students in the school. We now have active shooter drills and the doors are locked at all time during the day. Visitors must sign in and we have random drug searches.
The teachers at this school are very educated in their subjects. There have been a few bumps in the road with how some teachers teach, but that can be expected because not everyone always agrees. Te teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to needing help on an assignment.
I would definitely go to this school again if I had to choose all over again. It has made me who I am and I do believe that I would be a different person if I had gone to another school. My friends, experiences, and all of the opportunities I have had at this school have affected me in one way or another.
The school offers a wide range of academics. They aren't as diverse as other schools since we are a smaller school, but they prepare us for college and get the job done.
The school has a library that has a computer lab where students can research information for classes and finish their homework. Overall, the school has up to date facilities that are both safe and useful to students.
Our school has recently made a lot of changes involving school lunches and vending machine snacks. The cafeteria now offers a wide range of healthy foods and drinks.
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