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Paul Robeson High School for Human Services Reviews

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When I first came to this school I was really shy and not really communicating with people, at the end of 10th grade I became more comfortable, the school is great the principal is a outstanding guy, he works hard to see his students graduate. You should come to this school too it’s a right fit you won’t regret it
The teachers are great!!! They want to see student succeed in life. Give us the tools to take with us to college.
Paul Robeson is an excellent Highschool and has a very family like enviorment I love the teachers, and the students are sweethearts. Teachers work overtime to ensure that the students learn correctly and have a thorough understanding of what it being taught. They have sports and extracurricular activities for students to participate in such as soccer or volleyball. Mr. Gordan, the principle is a phone call away if any issues or problems arise and I truly appreciate that. Paul Robeson is the best school in Philly.
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Paul Robeson has been the most approve school for 2 years and the staff and teachers try thier best to teach us everything we need to know
It was great going here the teachers really cared and helped you if you needed help. The principle is always there and never hesitate to go to him if there is something wrong.
I don't like much about this school. Hopefully I get to move to a different one. It doesn't offer a lot, it's taken as a joke.
Most teachers at Paul Robeson have the knowledge needed to teach throughout the school year and get students to have a good understanding of whats being taught. They stay longer after school hours if students need help understanding information that they don't understand. One thing that makes them unique is that they like to have fun inside and outside of the classroom but when its time to teach they lock in.
They're all willing to help students learn to the best of their ability.
Paul Robeson helped me find and complete myself.
I love this school because it's very small and easy to communicate with teachers and students.
my overall experience at this school a game changer in the best way as possible i grow up to become this person whos not afraid to be who i am and this school gave me that opportunity
the service at the school okay because sometime its healthy
the principal is really serious about student coming in the school wearing the right uniform
i really cant say much but the basketball team is okay
the teachers are like our parent they are very caring and teach very well
this is amazing because it have so any project that can help you out when you graduated
i said great because i feel like as i move to a higher level of my education i become start to accept the fact that know no matter where you at in life people are always going to test you they are going to test you how you will react to certain things which was very challenging for me because i was the type of student who will always stand for herself and i wasn't going to let anyone talk bad about me i always feel the need to stand up for my self and as my last year in high school i end up not caring what people has to say about because in the real word that a war that i will never win but i can win by just not caring .
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Sports teams and fitness go above and beyond to excel in what they do! Great way to keep the student body involved.
There are a few clubs and organizations at Robeson HS. Very accessible, welcoming, fun, and a great learning experience.
Robeson is a city wide Philadelphia special Admission school. When being reviewed to enter Robeson HS staff members focus on academics, how many times students have previously been late and attendance. Robeson is a tight knit family like school. Rising freshman are interviewed by current Robeson students to make things feel a little more comfortable. The process is great if you ask me!
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