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Paul Revere Charter Middle School Reviews

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Worst three years of my life. The only good thing that came out of it was a few friends. Teachers were bored and waiting for tenure. The administration pretended to care but refused to do anything when a friend of mine was told to kill herself. The dress code was vile and derogatory towards girls.
Being in Charter, it was great. If you had a great teacher then you would have a great year. I enjoyed the farm
Very diverse school and in a great location. Big quad for students to hang out. Very big school which made it nice to walk around during lunch.
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There was absolutely no tolerance for bullying and we often had assemblies where public speakers would visit the school and tell us why bullying isn't good or acceptable. Additionally, the staff was always available to talk to if anything was wrong. Overall, the school seemed really safe.
There are many extracurricular activities including a GSA club among other many clubs, there's the Student Body Council, there was even a Hebrew class type of club, there was even a farm where you could go and feed the animals or you could work on the garden with the Horticulture teacher and she would give volunteer hours for that sometimes. Additionally there were sports after school like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and even cross country.
The students at this school are so friendly and pretty much the entire school or at least the majority of the school gets along. Also, you'd be surprised of who you become friends with. For example, I became friends with Ron Artest's son and daughter, Ron Artest Jr. And Sadie Artest.
Many of the teachers genuinely care about your grades and if they see you struggling they do their best to help you out. Additionally, if you're grades start to go down they'll give you options on how you can fix it.
School facilities have been proven.
School lockers and showers could improve.
Generally, most teachers are ok.
The school is very diverse and school clubs meet at lunch, creating a great environment of different cultures.
The school offers a wide range of activities for the students. There is an amazing after school program to keep students active whether its sports or extracurricular.
The school is very awaken to the safety and health of the students. Bullying is a huge factor that the staff and admins take care of and prevented so that all students are welcome and comforted. The school nurse is always there and never just sends students home. She listens to every minor issue a student may have, and with all her help she trys to make things better. The school nurse and the admins and teachers always listen to the students, it doesn't have to be a physical problem, they listen to everything and help the students out.
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