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Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School Reviews

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Good teachers. School is a bit competitive and students can be cliquey. It provides tons of different courses - there is something for everyone! School also provides lots of fun activities, clubs, and sports. Teachers really care about their students and want them all to succeed
I really enjoyed my time at Schreiber. Teachers who taught AP and Honors classes were often great teachers and knowledgable. Most of my teachers were kind, pleasant, and even funny. I enjoyed being in their classes. Some of my favorite teachers included my AP physics, Italian, and Math AP/Honors teachers.
personally that school can be racist sometimes because they aren't trying to help u get to a place you want to be they basically chose everything for u make u not have a say in things and treat u like prisoners only good thing about it is you et to leave campus and u can be independent in some things other than that its just a average school to go to plus if u are looking to go to a more cultural school this school isn't the one for u
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Overall, Schreiber isn’t a bad school. The teachers try their best to help everyone of their students. I enjoyed going to school. However though, the English department could improve with their attitude. And they didn’t prepare us for college at all. I had to almost everything on my own...
Its a school but its pretty bland there is really no school sprit and everyone keeps to themselves for the most part
Personally, I have had a great experience at Schreiber High School. The teachers are incredibly hands on, and truly want the students to succeed in being the best they can be. Their efforts pay off, because students from Schreiber go on to attend prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. The school is top notch when it comes to technology, and is fully supplied with Smart boards and Chrome books. But the biggest, and most important part of Schreiber is the school community and spirit! The Schreiber community is close-knit, caring, and ambitious. Annual pep rallies and football games show our school's dedication to the spirit of Port Washington, and we love making our town proud! The Arts and Sports programs at Schreiber are both top of the line, including a fully renovated football field, and a 500 seat theater. Many have sung their praises about the professional level shows displayed at Schreiber. The opportunities that Schreiber offers are hard to beat!
The school offered many great classes, but the difficulty and depth of study was lacking. I had a great amount of time in between classes which was nice, but nothing else seemed to exceed any expectations that someone would have about a normal high school.
school sucks becuase they only care about the white kids so if you are white and rich you will be fine
Schreiber makes sure that every student is prepared throughout the college process, which stands out to me. There's several work spaces such as the library or computer labs to get work done. It's overall a great place to focus on studies, make some new friends, and become more independent as a person.
I like how you have the chance to take cool electives like music art facts and also Film & Lit. You get the chance to experience it first hand. Something I would like to see change is the lunch.
Schreiber gave me a unique experience. It had more than enough resources that I needed and I was able to get into colleges utilizing my maximum amount resources available. However, although the academics are phenomenal, the non-academic aspects are not as superior. The security is not very smart and some of the main staff are not always there when students need them.
Education is absolutely amazing, course variety and electives are excellent. Teachers are welcoming and beyond their teaching skills, they truly care about their students wellbeing. Schreiber itself is a safe and respectful environment.
Schreiber provides great academic programs with quality resources. Although there are some flaws in certain departments, the overall education will leave you knowledgeable and prepared for post-high school life. Extracurricular activities are plentiful and provide entertaining ways to spend your free time. Our sports teams may not be the best but school spirit is still there and fun to participate in.
I moved from Trinidad 3 years ago and Paul D. Schreiber Senior High School was my first encounter education in the United state. Everyone at the high school was very welcoming and this made my transition very easy.
Throughout High School, I was highly challenged by the classes I took which included some honors and some AP classes. I think this is beneficial because once I reached college, I realized not everyone had been challenged as I was. In addition, it made the courses I was taking somewhat easier. However, I believe if there are different teachers for different courses, the course should be relatively similar. For example, I took Regents Physics and one of my friends did as well, but she had a different teacher. When we compared our tests, we noticed they both required different skills in physics, one was harder than the other. Teachers throughout the school are very helpful and flexible with their availability.
High school has been an important time in my life. I've learned an incredible amount about who I am and who I want to be. Most people have experienced going through phases, and I am certainly no stranger to this. My freshman year, I wore all black, and was just an angry kid. I was unhappy and felt alone and had no idea who I was. I've struggled these past few years, but now I am in a place where my fashion is an expression of who I am, as I wear bright colors and different styles from various decades. I've cut my hair, and I'm happy. I know who I am and where I want to go. My teachers have been incredibly important to me and helped me get to this point. I have built genuine relationships with them, and they have made me feel seen, heard, wanted, and respected. For that, I will forever be grateful. I know my privilege.
Schreiber is a very big and modern school. There are many beautiful aspects in the school like our new gym and updated library. I would love to see air conditioning as well as a few other small updates to the school.
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As a new student in my senior year of high school, I found it very easy to make friends. I even am still friends with people I met freshman year. The school offers a great wide selection of courses, teachers and clubs/sports. The school is very well kept clean at all times. The school is very big. They offer yummy food as well, We have a breakfast bar, a sandwich making bar and a hot food bar.
The teachers are excellent and always seem to care about their student’s performance and not just their paycheck. The music programs especially are incredible. At Schreiber there’s something for everyone.
I feel like Paul D. Schreiber is overall a good school. It offers a great education and many opportunities for its students. There are 20+ clubs offered to students, as well as the option to create your own. The teachers are understanding and easy to connect with during your free time. As for college, as an incoming senior, I have worked very closely with our guidance office. The guidance counselors do an amazing job of keeping students prepared for college and making sure your ready for every obstacle in your way. The only reason why I took away that fifth star is safety. Overall we are safe as students, but the school can do much more. Students are allowed to leave campus in our junior and senior years which produces a safety risk. Also, there is no good system for checking id cards of students entering the building. As of right now, they are only just looking at it quickly as students walk into school. Otherwise, Schreiber is a very good school that I would recommend to everyone.
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