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My daughter came from a horrible private Catholic School. PHS is the school she picked based on diversity alone. Needles to say, freshman year has been a complete SUCCESS! She has grown so much and she just loves her school.
Administration needs to change. The teachers for the most part cared about students succeeding, especially the english teachers. However administration was incompetent. They need to work on disciplinary measures as well. I hated my time there, other than my sports teams, they do a good job with sports.
The time that I have spent at Pattonville High School has been great so far. The teachers try to create relationships with the students so they can get to know us better and what our work environment is like. The sports and clubs at our school are very welcoming and the members treat anyone who is on the team like family.
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Pattonville has been a great experience for me. I have made life long friends and enjoyed all the classes I have taken.
My experience at Pattonville High School thus far has been amazing! The teachers are very kind and helpful while also pushing students to do the best they can both personally and academically. It is one of the most diverse schools in the state, and I have never seen a school so accepting of it's wide variety of students. It offers amazing academic programs that allows it's students to excel and succeed. Overall, It has been my best school experience thus far and I believe it has been preparing me well for collage and the working world.
My experience at Pattonville Senior High School was amazing. It was a very diverse school so we had all different types of cultures.
Pattonville Senior High provides an excellent education for my child. The school has lots of activities for students to participate.
I do like the school overall. The past 4 years have been pretty good from a school perspective. I never felt like I wasn’t getting a good education/high school experience. Only thing I would change is maybe some better hallway etiquette from the teachers (like not huddling around doors and in the middle of the hallway).
I think Pattonville is an amazing high school. There are so many programs to get involved in, and there are so many fun things that the school does such as spirit week, Mr. PHS, the musical, football games, and other things that really boost pride in your school.
I like how involved you can be in class, organizations, and sports. I also like how connected it is with technology in class. The school also provides a lot of resources to help students prepare for college or technical school.One thing that could change is an increase in how many times the bathrooms are clean. They get dirty quickly.
Pattonville was a nice school to attend. The technology given and some of the resources were great. There were a variety of clubs while I attending and a good football spirit while I was there.
Pattonville overall is a great school district to attend. I've had the opportunity to experince diversity at its best. I've been a student at Pattonville since middle school and currently on track to graduate from Pattonville high school. With exceptional administration and teachers I've learned what it means to be hard-working, dedicated and involved. The strong support system of my school really helped me navigate how, and what I want to venture into after high school. Through the great resources they provide and the outstanding academics I've encountered, I can honestly say that I feel confident and well equipped to make the imperative transition into adulthood.
I like how everyone's so nice and friendly to each other, even the teachers... They all welcome you with a big warm hug... Its a nice school to be part of... I also love Ms.Lurashi, i love how nice she is.. And that she helps with college stuff, she's a big helper.
Pattonville High School is overall an amazing school. There is a place for everyone who walks through those doors. With clubs ranging from robots to National Honors Society. The staff are some of the most caring people you will ever meet, being very involved with students school lives. Pattonville also does so much for the community, proving free breakfast and a closet of free donated clothes for the kids who need it. They truly make it such a great place to go to for 4 short years.
Pattonville High School is overall an awesome school. There are plenty of activities/clubs to get involved in. A variety of classes you can take, and most teachers do care about students success. And weekly football games that's geared towards school spirit.
The academic and social experiences and opportunities that have been provided to me at Pattonville High School are insurmountable. The diversity of the student body has made me more aware of the need to be culturally responsive and to look at issues through an equity lens. Coupled with a caring and supportive faculty and innovative practices in teaching and learning, I truly believe that Pattonville High School is one of the greatest high schools in the nation.
My favorite part about pattonville is the diversity. It has to be one of the most diverse high schools in the country. The administration and teachers really strive to make sure students will succeed.
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Pattonville has very good administration and classes that leads you to your career field. They even have CNA classes for soon to be nurses. Although they may be strict when it comes to I.Ds and being on time, I realized they were just preparing us for college.
I made a hard switch to pattonville in the middle of my junior year .leaving all my friends and school activities I was in was really hard for me. However when I walked into pattonville they welcomed me with with open arms and helped me adapt to the new environment providing me with all the resources I needed to be successful. Although pattonville is a amazing school one thing I would change is , to make sure the academic help centers always have someone available. Other then that pattonville is good at sports ,have great academics and a very diverse school .
The experience at Pattonville has been very good for me. The teachers and faculty do a great job of preparing the students for college, and help them get all the credits they need to graduate. There's a wide variety of sports and clubs to choose from. Every student has an equal oppurtunity to succeed, and it's very inclusive. Being in band, I was able to meet a ton of new people and was able to partake in events I didn't think I would be a part of otherwise. Overall, my experience at Pattonville has been very helpful and fun.
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