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Very good school with lots of teachers that care about their students. With budget cuts, however, class sizes are growing and the number of electives is shrinking so might be harder for students in the future.
I have been at Patterson mill all four years and it has been a good overall experience. There are many different classes you can take and higher course classes such as Honors and AP. There are also many clubs and sports to join and participate in.
When I attended Patterson Mill, I felt there was little to no emphasis on the arts and humanities. There were only two art teachers when I attended, which was shockingly low in comparison to other departments.
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I am involved in many of the organizations in the school, and I enjoyed participating in the activities of these organizations. There are new clubs being created every year, so more people can have the opportunity to do something they are interested in. Even though there is more participation of students in the school due to the increasing clubs and organizations, however, teacher and parents should get more involved. Patterson Mill High School lacks of school spirit, and the school should try to find ways to incorporate adults into part of school family.
It's a small school but has many of opportunities. It has prepared me for college next year. While at Patterson Mill High School, I played on different teams which went to state championship games. My lacrosse team actually won the state championship game last year. The smallness of the school does not take away the opportunities to succeed.
Relatively small school with excellent staff, a wide range of extracurricular activities, and rigorous academic opportunities.
There are a lot of teachers who do not help! They just give out papers and tell us to do it. Most of the time kids would just fool around or do things and the teacher would not even say anything.
Patterson Mill was a school that was directly in the middle, very diverse a very wonderful place to be because I am of African American decent and they always take the black lives matter movement very seriously especially my friends.
I really enjoyed going to high school there. Most of the teachers had your best interest in mind, and they all wanted you to succeed. I was grateful to see how much the school was involved in the community as well. The only thing I would change is to have more options for after school activities. They were pretty scarce. Other than that it was awesome!
Patterson Mill was a great experience but maybe a little too lenient. They extremely punished people who got caught in trouble but attendance wise and academically, too calm.
the school did away with free periods a while ago which adds to the everyday stress of high school. Many of the teachers are nice but the odds of getting one that makes you miserable is high.
There are really good teachers here but the thing that should be changed is the fact that it is a middle and high school which can make it very cramp especially in the hallways which causes traffic jams during class changes.
I really enjoyed the fact that some of my teachers would be willing to help or answer my questions when I had them and some would also good mentors. Some were willing to help get you to where you needed to be. The sport teams were the greatest of all. I managed for lacrosse, wrestling and even football and I can't complain about any of it other than poor administration staff at some games/matches. Coaches were great! But too much went on...too many students always getting away with everything and if yo had a problem the administration either took way to long before action was done or half way cared and did something about it. Other teachers didn't seem to care about much.
I was part of one of the first graduating classes at Patterson Mill High School. I found that the best part about attending Patterson Mill was the close-knit, community atmosphere. This allowed me to become involved in extracurricular activities, sports, and take leadership roles that I may not have had the chance to take if I went to a high school with a greater number of students. Although I had never played lacrosse before, I tried out to be on the team. I met a lot of new friends, and ended up having a great season, and was honored to be elected as one of the co-captains. My experience at Patterson Mill and the leadership opportunities that this school provided me with helped me to become outgoing, positive and hardworking. These are traits that I took with me in my journey to live and work as a teacher in NYC. I try to instill these traits and others in to my students each day!
When I was a student at patterson mill high school, there were many things that I enjoyed about the school. There are a lot of uplifting, caring & self-determined people within the building of Patterson mill. There was never a time that I was not helped if I seemed to be struggling. Although, there are some changes that could be more beneficial to our school itself. For example, our students had always complained about never having enough time to eat lunch, so with all possibilities available, we could seek options for extending the lunch periods.
Patterson Mill is your average school. Halls are very busy during class changes, some teachers are awesome while others are the complete opposite. One of the things that Patterson really lacks in is throwing events for the whole entire school. Getting all students involved should be vital so it can help them enjoy school more and give a better schooling environment.
The teachers are great. It has been a tough almost 4 years for me because I am an art major which is not your typical "cookie cutter" student. I wish Harford County had an arts school like Baltimore County. Overall it is an "OK" school.
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The staff and the teachers the principal are all caring individuals that are willing to help at any time.
My daughters and my experience has been excellent with Patterson Mill High School
Patterson Mill is very focused on the arts and exhibits that in it's hallways, classes, and students. It's a safe environment where expression is praised.
I like the teachers, the students, and the activities that the teacher plans within the curriculum. I love how helpful all of the guidance counselors have been!
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