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Well what i liked about patterson is the bond with teachers you have while i was there i loved most of my teachers.
Patterson High School has been a very interesting love and hate experience. To be honest, I did not like school at first, since it has earned a bad reputation for how old it is, but I gave it a chance and the truth is already my second house with much love. It is a very diverse school, the teachers are attentive and understandable with you despite the fact that it is not the best, always tries to make its students live the best experience they can offer.
It is a school with a lot of diversity and activities available to students. They also give many advantages and help those in need of low resources. It is not the best but it works.
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there is a lot of diversity. the classes are small which is good because you have 1 on 1 time with the teacher.
I come to Patterson High School not knowing a word of English or how the system work.I was guide and provide with resources that help me heading to graduation this year.It's a great school that is very diverse and where diversity is accepted.
I attend Patterson High School. I am a senior graduating in 2019. I’ve been at Patterson since my freshmen year and I’ve experienced so much during those four years. I have gotten the best support from everyone. My drive to be successful became very high as well. The safety is about adverage but I would expect that from high school Students. I’ve played sports such as lacrosse and track. While I played or am playing theses sports I have member who treat me like family. The environment in Patterson is overall welcoming to whatever group you fit into.
What I like the most about Patterson High School is how the teachers get involve with the students and help them no matter what. Not having many resources and still doing what they are assign to do it's amazing the love they show to students.
I liked that Patterson high was one of the most diverse public schools in Baltimore City. The administration was always helpful with your concerns and they provided employment opportunities at the age of sixteen which was awesome. What I would change was the security because too many fights did occur kinda putting a damper on your desire to stay focused on purely education and social development.
My Experience at Patterson High school was pretty Average. It is a normal School experience nothing that really stands out. Although, there is no air conditioning or heating. There is also unacceptable lunches fed to us students. Other than that there is not much problems with Patterson High school. The sports here is great. We have Pep Rally's, School Dances, Homecoming, and Prom just like any other High School.
The staff are very helpful and friendly. They also are great advocates. The staff have helped me throughout my college experience as well nonstop. They really do care for their students.
Patterson has the potential to be an amazing school... The teachers are ready and willing to teach and they listen to your needs. The major issue with Patterson is the climate with fights and just kids that haven't been taught an effective way to communicate without violence
The teacher are very nice and encouraging and they give us lots of motivation to study hard. The thing I want to change is the lunch. The school lunch is not good enough so I hope to get better lunch.
Patterson High School is a great school im not going to lie, has great advantages and different choices in career path ways but the students is what kills the vibe of the school. There is alot of diversity which is good because you can befriend different races and learn about there culture but the down side is that there are racial wars mostly between African Americans and Latinos/Hispanics which makes it hard because the community around the school is also diverse. Our school is between Highland town and Dundalk big mix of Arabic , African Americans , Causicians, and Latinos/Hispanics. So for our students well my classmates to act like they are not use to being in this type of community is very sad because its not true most of my classes mates have lived in baltimore, born in baltimore, moved to baltimore from other cities or countries. Its amazing out of all the place people out of the country decide to come to baltimore a small little city .
The education is the best part of this school, and, even then, it's not all that. The community is incredibly segregated, there's many race issues among students. The building is also falling apart (which, mind you, we were supposed to receive a new building several years ago and are still currently waiting) so much so that during extreme weather conditions where we're still forced to attend school, it's incredibly difficult from either being too hot in the summer without working air conditioning or too cold in the winter, where classes are forced to merge together in one of the few classrooms that actually have working heat, to concentrate.
The things I like about Patterson high school is the way teachers motivate and support their students to do better in their class and other classes too. Also the after school programs which keep students to to stay out of trouble.
In Patterson High School my high school year was extremely very good. The way the teachers treated students and help students
i Like the teachers, and i would change the security we need moar in the school. sometime i don't feel safe when i went to the bathroom becaue there are alot of bad people and they can steel you or probably hit you, so i want to change this and put moar security so the students don't have the same fear that i have in the school
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In Paterson High school I mostly like the diversity of students and the clubs and activities opportunities that were offered to me.
The students are basically in control of the school. also the security is pretty terrible at their own jobs. Patterson is good with their academics but the students that go there currently and past years have been bad ever since I left this year.
The school is horribly underfunded which is sad. I loved the teachers I had there and the connections I made with them. However, since the school is underfunded it lacks good bathrooms, water fountains and even air conditioners (summers were sweltering and winters were extremely cold). There were always fights and there were police officers in the school. It seemed as if the administration doesn't care about the students but some of the teachers care which saved this review from a 1 star.
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