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Patriot is a well built school with lots of opportunities and programs however it feels as the majority of the staff don't care much about students problems and concerns.
This pLce kinda sucks ngl. Send your kids to private or online school if you can. If your child has any kind of mental illness they won't fare well here.
With all honesty this school is a relatively decent school with an amazing campus. The facilities are great but the teachers and staff can be a hit or miss. As for sports they are not the greatest but good if you want to stay active. Student life is good but there are many activities to get involved in so enjoy it!
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The school is overall great. Many school shooting threats however and many arguments and fights at times.
As an alternative high school with nontraditional students, the discipline is very effective.
We don't have teams, so of course the facilities would be lacking. The campus was previously a middle school.
The small class sizes enable the students and the teachers to become close, and allow for more one-on-one teaching.
It gives you real life skills, like taxes, and managing your money. Unfortunately it slacks off for the educational skills needed to survive college.
Holly does the best she can, but as the only lunch "lady" / chef there she is hard pressed to serve both the middle schoolers and high schoolers.
Students have access to computer labs whenever they need it!
They weren't the traditional clubs, but we had a lot of opportunity to help our community.
Principal is not a good one
My teachers are the absolute best. They are not only great educators, but great friends. They make learning work and are able to help us through the stress and are always readily available to help us succeed.
We are in an old building so as far as that goes it's good. Everything works. The staff provides us with all they can and works to find a way to get us anything we need.
The classes provided actually make sense and we as students are able to learn from things other than worksheets and reading.
It's basic cafeteria food that the rest of the district gets. Not bad, but not great either.
Our school is like a home away from home for all the students. Some are gay and and other things and are not accepted at their own homes so they can at least feel safe and accepted in their school.
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Our school is small so we do not have the ability of bigger schools to have clubs and after school activities. We do however have a Culinary Arts program is available and well funded.
Our health staff has all we could need to remain healthy and comfortable at school. Our teachers do everything in their power to give us support and prevent bullying.
We are a small school and do not have a sports team of our own. Though a gym class is offered and required we do not have the facilities or resources available to offer more athletics.
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