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I liked how the school had a great amount of diversity and the teachers ans staff at the school always wanted the best for the students. In the 4 years I have attend the school I always felt safe. I enjoyed watching the athletics at the school most of the sports teams were good and staff made us feel safe there. I am not sure about the regular classes but I do know for the AP classes all teachers I have had wanted to make sure every student understood what they were learning and did not want students to be scared to be scared to ask a question if we did not understand and I honestly built a great bond with all my teachers.
we have a big problem with students skipping class. this has created a great deal of tension between administration herding students back to class and the students. they seem to think they can force kids who don't want to be there to do what they want with force and threat of suspension but i thin the problem goes deeper. if students dont want to go to class there has to be a reason. maybe administration should focus on hiring better teachers and making the curriculum more engaging than notes and a power point.
Patrick Henry High School is unique in that it does have a very diverse student body. I have heard many stories from both of my two girls who have attended there and other students that are friends of my daughters that the food served in the cafeteria needs to be improved. I am proud to say though that the City of Roanoke does provide free lunch to all Roanoke City students, which is an excellent benefit to students who are in low income families. My main complaint about the school is the fact that the bathroom facilities are extremely poor and lack proper soap and private stalls that lock correctly for privacy. This issue has been unresolved since my oldest daughter attended this high school and graduated in 2012. As far as the education of my children by this school, I feel that most teachers would definitely get an A++ for their contribution to the education of my children.
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My experience so far has been great. I feel as long as you open up and try new things, it's very rare to have a dull moment.
At PH, I have had a good overall experience. Specifically being a part of the music program. The orchestra, band, and choir programs are especially enjoyable with quality, experienced instructors who care about each individuals furthering in music education and enjoyment. The arts program is also above average in the sense of quality of education and the experience. If the arts is something you are interested in the PH art wing will become your home. The school social life overall is slighlty divided but overall pretty alright. School food is terrible. 👀
The teacher's at PH are so helpful and understand. Although we have had changes to the Principal position- this is my third Principal, each one of them are dedicated to making PH a better place. Plus the sports aren't too shabby, especially the Indoor/Outdoor track team. Out of the surrounding schools PH is the best place to be, whether is the administration or the students. We all try to make PH the best place to be. Our scores are up, graduation rate is up so we have no choice but to keep rising.
I love the music and arts programs and how they grow and improve each year. Something that could be improved upon would be having more time between class because some students have to walk from the ROTEC building or the art wing to the 3rd floor or vice versa. That and have bigger portion sizes for lunch items. The portions have grown smaller each year and aren't very filling.
Patrick Henry is a huge school and has a great deal of students so getting used to things as a new student is extremely difficult. There a few great teachers but some of them are rude, even to respectful, kind students. The scheduling here is absolutely crazy and everything was chaotic in the beginning of the years.
It is pretty nice overall. The teachers are nice and the education system is good. My only compliant is that the class were slightly packed. Other than that, the arts program is spectacular and I enjoy the chance to do other more real life jobs, such as culinary arts, with ROTEC right beside the school.
The thing I liked most about my high school is the support. Whether it be from a friend, a teacher, school counselor, or principle, anyone you would talk to would be willing to help you and support you with whatever you come to them for.
I really love Patrick henry high school. I really dont want any changes because it is the best school ever.
Patrick Henry offers a lot of diversity, however the safety of students was a big concern of mine while attending this school. Because of the many differences among students, fights were a regular occurrence weekly (sometimes daily) which caused a distraction for many academic opportunities. I suggest that this be handled in such a way that people are held responsible for their actions while also realizing that fighting is not the answer.
Great atmosphere! I attended PHHS for my freshmen year of high school and was astonished by how many opportunities there were for being involved in campus. I liked going to PHHS because of the amazing campus involvement and the vast amount of diversity. It was really great going there!
Patrick Henry has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a learner, working member of society, community member, and friend. The school spirit that is shown throughout the school year brings about a sense of community, or as our school calls it, “PHamily”. The idea of coming together with those that we spend most of our time with is a concept that encourages students and faculty to continue to come to school eager to learn and build relationships. Additionally, I have always admired the school’s ability to react to adversity and change quickly and with grace. When tragedy hits our small community, the faculty creates a comfortable and safe environment for students to ease back into routine after things such as students passing away suddenly and classmates being diagnosed with cancer.
I loved my experience at PH and grew so much. Teachers really cared about your future. I would like to see school provide more funds to the other sports other than football, volleyball, and basketball.
Not much to like here. The school is dirty. There are constant fights. Teachers are unexperienced. For instance, they hired an AP Chemistry teacher who had never actually taught the class before and so all he did was just tell us to read the textbook while going on rants in class about how "kids these days don't know how to make soap". The school realized the mistake and fired him halfway through the year, but replaced him with someone who didn't really know the class either. As a result, they just ended up curving grades an insane amount leading to the class having an average of over 100 percent even though the class is supposed to be challenging. Everyone in the class got a 1 on the AP exam.
Lots of diversity throughout the school. Good teachers that are always willing to help. Many students and friends to be surrounded by.
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I loved all the teachers, and how they took time to know and understand each student in their class. Although we had great number of students in School, each class only had few numbers of students so teachers can pay attention to each student. I think I had great four years at PHHS. One thing I would change would be that it lacks diversity compare to other schools.
The teachers at Patrick Henry can be hit or miss, but that's to be expected at almost any school. I had mostly pleasant experiences with them. The issues with the school are the administration and the students.
The teachers are good but classes are easy and fights are often. the classes are slow and are often stagnant the food in the cafeteria is iffy and a mystery.
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