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My favorite thing about Patrick Taylor is the teachers. They have the best teachers. They utilize technology and make learning fun! All of the teachers I have had actually care about the students and want them to succeed. I will definitely miss my school when I graduate. However, I will not miss the lunches. I wish the lunches were better. Actually, some days the lunches were awful. I also wish we would have had a gym at school. Overall, I have loved all 7 years at Patrick Taylor.
I've been going to this school since 6th grade, so I'm quite familiar with everyone. The teachers are reliable and amazing. They take their jobs seriously, and they earnestly want their students to succeed. The teachers are always open to questions, and peers are not quick to judge. So the learning environment is quite friendly and open. The librarian is fantastic as she created tons of online catalogs and resources for students to use. These catalogs help researching and writing papers much easier. The faculty and staffs are also kind and open to students. We have a multitude of clubs and sports to join such as debate, NHS, track, swim, etc. The campus is quite spacious, so students don't feel stuffed and agitated. The classrooms are also abundant in windows, so a lot of natural light can come in. If it's ever too bright, we can always pull down the blinds. We have a spacious field in the back where we can hang out and eat lunch; the cafeteria is also quite pretty.
I have been in Patrick Taylor since 6th grade and I am now a freshman. The school is great but some of the teachers are no nice and very weird.
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The teachers were amazing- with a few exceptions- but the overall climate of the school isn't where it should be. There were planned school shootings, someone taking pictures in the girl's bathrooms, and a few other incidences that happened during my time in the school. On top of that, the counselors seemed adequate at best for their roles. The school also doesn't have a gym so we had PE in the back parking lot and in the street outside, or when it rained or got too cold we went inside. Academically, PT is a great school, but not much beyond that.
Partick F. Taylor is a wonderful and diverse school system that prepares students for a successful future in whatever career they want to pursue.
Patrick Taylor is an outstanding school. It prepares us for college and life. The teachers are excellent and strive to make us better students and people.
The classes are fairly rigorous- if group projects, essays, and college prep aren't your thing. Also they have a problem with some faculty, but other than that it's a great atmosphere. Tech really is important
Overall, there was a great sense of community and family at PFTSTA. The workload was stressful, but there was a great support system. One thing I would like to see change is more transparency between the administration and the students and their families, as there are some things that remain unadressesed sometimes. However, the new administration is doing an amazing job of problem solving and keeping families informed, so the aforementioned suggestion seems to be getting resolved.
What I love most about the school is that it prepares students for college and engages them in personal work-like relationships with their teachers, peers, and school staff. Administrators are willing to work with the students to accommodate their needs. A trusted environment sets the tone for stellar education.
Very nice building and school. Great to start from 6th grade and up. More organization is needed. Have close connections with teachers.
Since 6th grade I’ve had a wonderful time at Patrick F. Taylor. The teachers are outstanding in their field and offer much of their wisdom to the students. My school does exceptional in prepping me for the ACT, SAT, and college essays. However, I wish the school was bigger and cleaner. I am a huge advocate for the environment, and I wish our school would focus more on keeping the school grounds clean. Furthermore, with the influx on students, the school is crowded. Compared to schools at our level, I believe that we should invest in an auditorium, a gym, a common ground with a garden and compost area, functional bathroom stalls, and another building. All of this is possible — we just need the right leaders.
PFT has prepayment for life after high school. The curriculum is very rigorous for the student that wants to compete and higher learning.
I have attended Patrick F. Taylor Academy for going on seven years now (sixth through twelfth grade), and as a whole I do believe this is an excellent school. The curriculum pushes students to succeed in its classes. It is extremely successful academically, achieving second-best school in Louisiana. However, due to this fact there is heavy competition among the students. Many of them have achieved very high scores in all classes and on standardized tests, which can cause stress among the those who are unable to achieve such scores. Outside of this, the art departments are not heavily funded nor prioritized, so there are few opportunities presented there. The sports department is being more thoroughly developed in recent years, yet still not very extensive. If a student is interested in arts or sports, I would recommend maybe looking at other options; however, academically, this school is quite outstanding and has left me with no doubt that I am prepared for my college years ahead.
The college preparation that students go through is top tier. We have so many different classes like AP and DE that it almost seems like you are in college already. The school has a mix of middle school and high school, so I feel an overall sense of family and unity.
I go to this school and it is pretty decent. People are relatively nice and most teachers are good. It has a lot of clubs and sports. Laptops are issued to students.
This school has an extremely friendly environment that is perfectly suited for education and college preparation. I've started going to Patrick Taylor in 6th grade and I'm currently in my senior highschool year. Never once have I've felt endangered in or around the school and the student body is made up of friendly and intelligent kids. The teachers there are all very passionate concerning their students and learning and are great examples of what a teacher should be.
Patrick F. Taylor is a diverse school compact with good students, creative teachers, and a lot of hands on learning. It has provided me with best education (tons of cool science classes and many AP opportunities) and the bets memories doing swim team, SGA, NHS, and even powerlifting.
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The place is filled with great people. The teachers truly prepare students for the future and the classes are rigorous.
Patrick F Taylor is an amazing school for students who want to take educations seriously. Even if the student doesn’t take education seriously, Taylor puts joy into learning with their amazing educators. Changes I would like to see at Taylor is more investment in the arts.
Patrick Taylor is an above average school, but it has difficulties keeping the student body to the standards that we should be held to. This is a huge weakness that greatly affects my experience; yet I know it is better than some other schools I know that are considered "average."
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