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my experience on the northern step has been different to my previous high school I learned more than I expected at my previous age was very dear so I was 9 hours, I live in juarez my effort was very large for the simple reason finish in high school now I'm shortly after finishing at the academy of Paso del Norte.
What I like about changing from this school is a small creed that is quite large so you should not require as much as you want. Another thing that I would change is that I had an unpleasant thing from here is that I am 19 years old and I still could not graduate for a solo exam when I could do a project, because all the effort that I have made and without any lack should have a little bit of humility towards me and not only me, but some colleagues also need help.
this school is very safe
They will help you do what you need to do to graduate with the perfect credits.. and get you started for college
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the school is only 4 hours long so their is no really time for parent involvement
el paso del norte academy is a great school, to finish fast and support family as well
Our nurse comes to check on the students who cant see or have other problems with their health. She is not at the school on the daily basses but we still have on. We do p.e which helps us keep active.
Everyone in this school is committed to everything. All the faculty and staff are always on task. This school is even better than episd. I don't think I would of made it in a regular high school.Best school in El paso,texas.
Paso Del Norte Is only four hours long so their isn't that many things to experience but to learn. Althought in my senior I did get to experience that our new principal and students got involved into a lot of things. For example, my teacher Mr.Cano who is the student council leader is selling nachos on Friday for the March Of Dimes. He also sells chocolates and has even donated toys to kids who don't get to get Christmas presents . Our school has even been on the news for also donating a lot of food cans. Their has been a lot more things we have done in our school this year which makes us get a better reputation and its time for people to know that we are not bad at all.
My experiences in this school have been amazing. All the teachers I have had the past four years that I have been coming to this school all know how to do their work. The teachers are always on task. We always have work from the beginning of the period to the end which makes time go faster and more interesting. Also when a student needs help the teacher is always their to explain to you what you did not get. Our teachers and students communicating skills are amazing. People always think Paso del Norte Is a bad school just because its an alternative but the students who come here are very smart. Come visit us to experience one day at school with these amazing students. Thank you.
The quality and knowledge of the teachers is extraordinary great. They know what they are showing us and know what they are suppose to show us. Respectful in every way, always on task in our grading. Their communication skills are the best. In order for us to be successful the principal gets teachers who have knowledge ,good communication skills and that is always on task. These are the type of teachers we have. For example our history teacher Mr.Ortiz he is the smartest teacher I have ever known. The way he teaches us history is incredible. All of our students except 1 failed the us history test. He made us ace the test. No one could beat him in us history.
There isn't much of extracurricular opportunities at this school. This school is very strict and only want students to get their education and be able to graduate the time they are suppose to.
My experience on this school was pretty great I had a great time with the students and my teachers one of the things that I liked the most was the teachers they helped a lot I thing they were the reason why I passed .
My school is very strict when it comes down to behavior because they like to keep the school in order.
the teacher at my school are the best I say this because every teacher on el paso del norte like to help every student as possible I truly believe the teacher here really care about their student because their always trying to help the students out as much as possible.
In my school we have different clubs the one that I can remember is the student council the student council is for the student to get together and discuss what thing they don't like about the school and what things we can improve for the school they also plan events for the school.
Thanks to EL Paso Del Norte District School, I will graduate early on December 2013. the professors are very helpful always bring the best in class to the students to learn and to become successful in life.
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