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I like Pascagoula High School because is a really good place where the teachers are always very kinds and helpful.
Pascagoula High School is the most diverse high school in the state, which gives you a lot of immersion into different cultures and shows you different perspectives! PHS has tons of extracurricular programs and activities available to help prepare your child for college and beyond.
I love attending my school. I only wish that students were given more notification of future events and club information.
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Throughout all my 4 years of high school was a bit of a challenge but all of my teachers stood by my side no matter what is was. I managed stay on top of my game and came out with all A’s.
I love how welcoming they were and still are. When I first came to PHS i was very nervous, but once I got engaged in PHS i became very comfortable.
Pascagoula High is a good school to send your kids too. It has good teachers and friendly staff that will help get students where they need to be. They have a good graduation rate and it only gets higher year after year. They have many extracurricular activities for students to enjoy and express themselves in. I personally didn’t like that we had to wear uniforms and some rules just didn’t appeal to me, but overall good school.
mi experiencia en pascagoula high school ha sido muy buena porque, alli hay buenos profesores que ayudan y ensenan a los alumnos de manera muy adecuada, y cabe destacar que tambien se esfuerza bastante en ayudar a los estudiantes hispano hablantes. es una escuela bastante aceptable para todos incluyendo estudiantes hispanohablantes.
I absolutely loved my experience at Pascagoula High School. The teachers are great. We have sports and extra curricular events that take place before and after school. Everyone is respected by our peers and the teachers really do care about us and about us walking across the field in May. They always pushed us to do our best on the ACT and our grades in our classes. They also help us through our personal issues as well if something may seem to bother us. We trust them fully. I've always loved the relationships I had with my teachers and how much they wanted to help us.
My experience with Pascagoula High School has been good for the most part. We had a great principal, Mr. Herbert, who cared so deeply for the students and the well being of the school. Now we have Dr. Payton, who seems like she couldn't care less about the students. The school feels somewhat like a detention center due to the lack of school spirit and the strictness coming from the principal and one of the vice principals. My three years before this year were great though and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
My overall experience rate is high because as I experienced it first hand, I could see that the school was constantly trying to expand its reach to the students. The school is a wonderful place to send high school students because administration takes pride in its students and community by encouraging parents and alumni to be as involved as possible. They place importance on attendance and class work before extra curricular activities by making curricular requirements for the students before they can participate in events such as homecoming or sports. The classes are well distributed, so that teachers have an easier time interacting with students one on one.
What I liked about Pascagoula High School is that the teachers there wanted you to succeed. and They wanted for you to do your very best that you could be successful in life.
Overall my experience at Pascagoula High School was pretty please thank. The teachers were great and most of the students were nice. The library was an awesome place to study and hang out in before class. I do think that the high school could use an upgrade in their technology and the way the school looked.
I like that I can always talk to someone there, whether it be a counsel, teacher, principle, even a janitor. They really want you to do the best that you can be and do the best that you can do. They don't want to sell you fall. They want to see you rise up and succeed.
In my 4 years at Pascagoula High School, I have had an overall good experience. Something I would like to see change however is the student involvement, something that makes me wish I had when I was still going here. The only student involvement we have are pep rallies and dances. Why not more?
I like that I feel safe here. It's important to feel safe in your learning environment in order to get a superb education. I do not like that we cannot have our cellphones at school. I don't care if we can use them or not, but I know that many parents would feel safer sending their children to school in today's world if they had their own line of communication to their children.
Pascagoula High School has a great faculty and student body; however, I would prefer a bit more freedom when it comes to the way students express themselves uniform wise.
So far, my time at Pascagoula High School has been amazing. The administrators and staff are all awesome. I feel as though as I am able to talk to any and everybody at the school if I had an issue. The staff makes all students feel that they are in a safe and ready-to-learn environment. Our principle, Anthony Herbert, incorporates fun and educational activities for our student body from time to time. The only thing I would like for the school to change are for the teachers' agendas to be more organized and I feel that it is Mr.Herbert's job to keep the teachers on top of that.
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My experience was pretty normal. I came to PHS the middle of my Sophmore year. Things were a lot different & it was too fast paced. I adjusted and everything is great. Besides from the current violence, police, and gang affiliations at the moment, it's a decent school. They should change some of the dress code though. The jacket policy is pretty annoying.
From my point of view Pascagoula High School is a very welcoming place to be. Out of the past four years that I have been to my high school, every teacher i ever had always put their students first. They will go over a subject and try their absolute best to make sure every student gets what we were going over before moving to the next topic. My mentors, councilors, teachers also takes the time out of their day to make sure that i am prepared for the future and what life holds, and i am confident that if i ever have any questions I will not hesitate to go to any of them for help. No high school is perfect dealing with the student body, but at Pascagoula High School majority of the body respects one another and the authority of the school. During class time we all like to work together to make sure we get the current topic and I was one student who take the time to go over to another student to help them to get the subject at matter.
I actually didn't enjoy my time at Pascagoula High. I was there a short time before being homeschooled. While our school is very diverse, it was very cliquish. I only like a couple of my teachers. Some seemed uncaring, unreasonable. Some wanted to be popular with the kids. I'm glad I got out and finished high school through homeschooling. I am about to start my freshman year in college.
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