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Pasadena Waldorf school is a home and a community more than any other school I have ever been to. the teachers are dedicated to each and every student on a personal level, and they make every effort to ensure success.
It's really liberal and a really tough workload, but it's so small that everyone knows everyone and it's very nice, reassuring, when you can call a person by their first name even if you are 3 grades apart.
The teachers really supported me to follow my interests while giving me a deep understanding of the curriculum with an emphasis on community and world stewardship
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PWHS is a small school ..... verrry small. it’s a good thing but a challenging thing. you will not fall through the cracks. you will be held accountable to yourself and others. it’s a safe place to make mistakes and learn from them.
I recommend pwhs.
Pasadena Waldorf school is great if you are looking to go into the arts and even math and sciences. The teachers are extremely committed to the students especially when its time to start looking for colleges. There's not much I'd change about the school, but if I had to change one thing it would be the diversity. As one of the only black students at my school, I had a hard time fitting in at the beginning, but race is not an issue at Pasadena Waldorf School and I am proud to be a part of its community.
Waldorf schools create a love for life in students, I've been at Pasadena Waldorf School since the third grade and I can say for sure that it has hugely impacted who I am. The education is very holistic and in high school, it's very liberal-artsy, I wouldn't go for science or math, but english, art, and other humanities are great. Its a very small school which is awesome for me, class sizes are small and make for meaningful and close relationships with the teachers, who are really talented and passionate. Another really good thing about the school is the community, I know everyone and their mother, and they all know me.The campus is also very homey, since it was at one point, a home. Both the high school and Lower school campuses are in houses. The high school campus is small and really cozy, and we have an organic garden right out front, where we hang out and help farm vegetables and things.
It was creative and developmentally sound up through 5th grade. I would definitely go somewhere else for middle school and high school. There is the same main teacher from 1st-8th grades and someone who is great with little kids rarely understands adolescents.
We are thrilled with this school! Our daughter is thriving due to the unique approach to education where she gets to move her body and use her hands and her imagination, the faculty attention to each individual student, the vast opportunities in sciences, arts, languages, music, games, and sports, and the strong school community. She loves going to school and doesn't want to miss a day!

The sciences are actually quite strong, because the education develops the kind of thinking and reasoning skills, and the imagination students need to be good scientists. The high school students receive personal attention, and are taught by accomplished scientists, not only science educators. The graduates are thriving in colleges around the world. As a medical doctor, with many years of science education, I wish I had received this type of foundation provided by Pasadena Waldorf School.
All three of our children are going to or have gone to this exceptional school from kindergarten through high school. Our eldest is now in her second year in college in Chicago and she credits her Waldorf education on a regular basis on helping her navigate her new life in a strange city and a challenging institution with confidence.
As an alumni parent of three and a member of this vibrant community for over 20 years, I have experienced tremendous growth and vitality at PWS. Dedicated faculty, staff and parents create an extraordinary environment for the lucky students here. My children all received a solid and deeply profound education and, yes! they went to excellent colleges and were well prepared. They have entered the world with compassion and wisdom. This is exactly what I wanted for them.
PWS is an amazing place. This is an education for the ages where teachers really teach, without screens or Common Core. PWS provides two foreign languages, knitting and sewing, music instrument lessons, and woodworking not as extra-curricular but as part of the school week. The sports program is robust. Language arts, math and science are taught in a way that provides a deep understanding. My children are really seen by their teachers and the teachers are in regular contact with our family. Our oldest was well prepared for college and his younger sisters are well on their way. I love this place, this community and the thoughtful and mindful wisdom that is behind this education. My kids love going to school. Diversity is an important consideration when choosing this school and I am encouraged by the many parents, faculty and staff that I see working toward sustaining and growing a welcoming and inclusive community
8 years of Pasadena Waldord experience. We finally recognized we were paying a lot, and volunteering a lot, and our child was not learning, or being challenged academically. In fact the school doesn’t want you to know what the kids really do all day in class, and that’s why they don’t really give homework, or return homework. They don’t want you to know where your child stands. In 5th grade your child will take a test and never see the results. They do want you to donate time and money though. They don’t want you to ask questions. If you are a working parent keep in mind they want you to volunteer a lot, and If you are a single parent this is not for you - you’ll die trying to keep up with making soup for 40, sewing consumes, making crafts times 50, making swords, knitting lunch boxes and chaperoning endless outings. At the end of the day you will need to hire a tutoring service for a better part of a year to get your kid up to speed to get out of there.
IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO THE ARTS OR HUMANITIES THIS IS THE SCHOOL FOR YOU! Now that the school goes through 12th grade, it does a great job at prepping students in writing, history, and especially art. I should warn that if you are planning on going into the sciences, you might want to consider looking elsewhere, because as of now the sciences are not the schools strong suit.
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