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The teacher's are not quick to help a child unless they are failing. They call themselves a Christian base school, however they do not conduct their selves as a Christian School should. The Administrative has no clue what their school does because they are not hands on. There are no policies that they follow, it is put in place when something occurs, and if you voice a problem, you are considered as being too vocal.
Great school. The teachers and staff make it an environment that you want to be in. If you need help they will do anything in their ability to get you where you need to be.
There are no fitness programs, there is not even a real gym class. The sports teams are more so clubs they are not very organized or competitive.
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The building is modulars connected together it is falling apart and does not have a science lab, a library, a real cafeteria, or a gymnasium.
It is very small, only having maybe 300 students from VPK to 12th grade.
It is not as diverse as most schools both religiously or racially.
There are not any clubs or organizations of any type. Only sports that are not the highest of quality.
The principal tries to be a mother to all and push religion into everything. There is no structure, there is favoritism, there is not a guidance counselor.
This school does not offer student a lot of academic options. I did not feel prepared for college or the real world. I do not have the same level of knowledge as students from other high schools. I was never even able to discuss options for majors, volunteer hours,or scholarships , there is not a guidance counselor.
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