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I did enjoy my time at PHHS. I excelled academically in the school and was apart of the High Honors and Honors list every semester
This is a good school with very supportive staff. Some of the teachers were great others not so much. My sports experience at this school was terrible and I would not recommend putting anyone through sports at this school.
The teachers are amazing and well educated. They are very caring and really connect with the students.
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Specifically, I liked the community of teachers and their passion to teach. However, I would like to see some changes concerning the guidance counselors’ aid in terms of helping students with their college plans. Otherwise, the school is safe and overall bully free.
I think there are quite a few teachers that are really passionate about their subject, which have instilled in my the values of hard work and intellectual curiosity. The classes are relatively small-sized and the classmates are really diverse and friendly.
I haven't had a really bad or really good experience with the school so I rate it as average. I like how there is a lot of diversity with the after school clubs because I know most schools don't offer a ton of clubs or even create a new one. If one was new to the school, it would be hard to fit in if they are more reserved because like any other school, there are "groups" of people that they belong to or people who just go solo and fit in different groups. I do admit, there are lots of judgemental and criticizing people, but not everyone is like that, it just depends who one gravitates more towards.
Very friendly learning environment, and the teachers aren't too strict. The implemented block schedule makes everything less stressful, since we don't need to go to every class every day.
Parsippany Hills has an amazing group of teachers and other staff members. I feel very comfortable and safe because I know that most teachers will be there for me to help or just talk. Also, the staff is very understanding of kids having other things to do when they get home instead of only school work. They also have just about every sport or club anyone could want, which I love because it allows everyone to feel like they have something to be apart of. Additionally, the atmosphere is very welcoming. When you walk in, you feel like you belong because teachers are there to greet you and the walls are designed with paintings done by students there. The only negative thing I have to say is some of the staff are the opposite of understanding and compassionate. There are teachers that refuse to provide you with help and do not care about why your work was late. Overall, my school has a great education system with diligent staff members and a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.
Parsippany Hills High School has a very welcoming environment. The teachers are approachable, activities are great and students are nice. There are many courses they offer, however I think they should branch them out even more. Overall, it's a great overall school because of the academics and activities, like our athletic teams.
The school has really great teachers and is not easy. They test your ability to finish tasks and prepare you for the real work. They have started the block scheduling which allows students to take more classes. Yet they do not have a great STEM program for this years Juniors and seniors, which is hard if you are looking for a STEM college.
During my time at Parsippany Hills High School, the most impactful experience I had was that in the Sound and Light club. In this club, I gained a strong passion for the arts and leading a small team in operating the audio-visual systems of the auditorium. It was here where I learned how to plan, organize and lead my crew in various events held at Parsippany Hills High School.
Teachers are great they work with their students. Change policy on open campus for seniors would teach them the manger classes for college
Overall, a good school. It has its downsides but students have the opportunity to talk about it and make changes.
Students and teachers at Parsippany Hills High School are very welcoming and friendly. Teachers are very motivating and driven to help students grow academically and personally. The students have been known for their high test scores and grades which ranks this school one of the best out of all New Jersey.
Parsippany Hills High School is an incredible high school that provides opportunities and resources allowing students to choose the rigor of their academic career. A multicultural melting pot, Parsippany Hills High School offers several culture clubs and organizations that reflect the diverse student body and allow for cross-cultural exploration. Always adapting, PHHS integrates technology throughout its curricula and modifies its scheduling to keep up with the ever-progressing world.

Devotion to academic excellence, cultural curiosity, technologically inclusive lessons, and even their delicious food, all pale in comparison to PHHS's hardworking staff of educators. In my experience, I have had incredible teachers who earnestly care about their students. Always willing to answer a question I had or explain a concept I did not understand during class, my teachers were always concerned with the understanding and development of their students, a concern that pervaded all levels of PHHS.
It's fine, but it's not very special. The school was designed by a prison designer (literally), so it is not very pleasing to look at or be in. Also the bathroom is awful. The food is good though. The teachers are severely varied, there are some amazing teachers and some horrendous.
Teachers are helpful and very nice/understanding/kind. Everything is good except the half lunch on select days for lab - the food is important
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I liked all the different types of people the school had to offer, it was very diverse and I have a extremely broad group of friends. However, I wish there was a more enhanced learning program and there were more ways and opportunities for me to get prepared for college starting my freshman year rather than having this occur later on in my learning experience.
Parsippany Hills High school is a safe and encouraging environment and uplifts kids to do their best. It is a great diverse setting and easy to make friends. Teachers are always there to help and go the extra mile to make sure kids are doing well in their class. If you are having trouble with a class there is tutoring during lunch and after school to provide extra help for struggling students.
As a current senior, I have gone through almost 4 years at PHHS. Through this time, I have gotten involved in many of the clubs offered, most notably Student Council. This opened a lot of unique opportunities I believe other schools may not offer, such as running for a State Board position. Additionally, the academic programs offered at Parsippany Hills High School are rigorous and challenging, with many AP classes being offered. Overall, I would rate my school a four out of five stars.
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