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I am currently a junior attending Parsippany High School. My time at PHS has been special and very impactful. The staff at the high school are truly amazing and very supportive. It is a very diverse school and everybody is welcomed at PHS. Also, when I enter Parsippany High School, I feel safe and comforted as I am in school. Parsippany High School is an outstanding high school, and the staff and students at the school are very supportive, caring, and very outgoing.
Generally nice school. I graduated from here not too long ago and had a wonderful experience here. The teachers are amazing and they're all willing to help you after school with whatever questions you have.
I liked the teachers as well as the fact that I could eat out side for lunch and get educated very well.
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Amazing!! Great teachers, great principal, great counselors! Everything at Parsippany High School is great and up to date.
It is a very open environment but their is room for improvement. I have no problem with any teachers as long as work gets done. There is also a need for harder classes and work so students are better prepared for college.
Parsippany high school is full of caring teachers, staff, and students. The school is constantly putting on events to help students get involved. They focus heavily on the future and it really helps keep everyone focused
I have had a good experience with no bullying and a good group of friends, however, there are many involved in worse habits, and some teachers are very poor at educating and providing assistance, not to say that for all though as there are a few good ones in the school. The music program is very good and well known, but sports are somewhat lacking.
I like how administrators of the school make it feel like you can tell them anything and it can be safe with them.
This is a pretty good school that makes up for its poor facilities with great teachers and staff. They really need to stop closing the bathrooms so I don’t have to walk across the school to use the restroom.
It is a great school where you meet new people and learn a lot from great teachers. It’s a good school filled with a lot of great school spirits and fun events and clubs that help engage students to attend and participate.
Parsippany High School provides me with a safe space, where I feel part of a community rather than feeling as if I am being forced to go to school everyday. I enjoy everyday at school and the administrators make every extracurricular fun and engrossing for the attendees.
We came from Dubai and thought that it will be tough to get aligned with the school and environment but it has been wonderful studying here in PHS
Parsippany High School is a pretty average school. What I like about it is how the guidance counselors are very helpful and flexible to care for their students needs and interests. The student life is what makes the school the most enjoyable because of the large amount of clubs it has to offer. There is always something for anyone to participate in and have fun which is always great.
This school is perfect if you look forward to a small community of loving personalities, precious guidance and one of the best preparations towards high school. Fellow students and staff are very welcoming once you enter the world/premises of Par High. The academic level expectations are moderate/high leaving the students to decide whether to focus on studies or anything else relating to sports as it is time consuming. Maybe the only lack in the community would be the food which is simply below average and does satisfy one who requires school lunch everyday. I would personally recommend students to pack their own lunch rather than to dread them selves with the food provided. Otherwise, an ideal school in an ideal location with so much to offer just as any other private school.
Overall ParHigh is a really good highschool. The teachers and staff are all nice and care for the students.
My experience at Parsippany High School was great. The choice of classes gives you the opportunity in preparation for college. You have a vast selection of clubs and sports to choose from giving students an opportunity to get involved.
It is a great high school with excellent academics. The teacher, counselors, and staff are very welcoming and nice. The students are very friendly and make the educational environment very nice.
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They definitely need to invest more into the school itself and the academics rather than improving everything on the outside
Parsippany High School is a wonderful high school. Personally, I feel that the science and mathematics departments are lacking, but the English and History departments more than make up for it.
Schooling at PHS has been a great experience to me so far. The teachers are very helpful and co-operative. The school makes me better and better every day by challenging me with problems I have never solved before.
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