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Parma High School is an amazing school, very tight community and teachers that actually care and know everyone by name
Parma High School is really well put together school. The teachers are great and all have a funny personality. The staff always work hard to make sure every single kid in the district is taken care of.
The Parma School District is the only school that I've gone to. I went from kindergarten to 12 grade and I would say that it is a good school though there are some things that should be changed or at least tried to better. The first is comments that some students may say the teachers do handle it but in a way that a student walks back in cheering and acting as if he wasn't't just out in the hall getting talked too. Though the new principal has made a lot of changes there is still more to be done but I sure did enjoy my years at Parma High School.
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Parma is a realitivly small community and a very welcoming environment. The school is just the right size. The teachers work hard to make sure every student succeeds to the best of their abilities and they are always there to lend a helping hand
I moved to the Parma district in 6th grade and it was the best decision my family could have ever made. The culture of the school is something that can’t be duplicated. I’ve made forever friends with not only other students but also the teachers. They are the most genuine helpful teachers I’ve ever learned from. I play a lot of sports and am in tons of clubs and everything is balanced so well throughout education, sports, and club life. I couldn’t have imagined being so happy at school and I wouldn’t change it for anything!
The one change I would like for Parma High School is to add a Soccer team other than that, it is a great school! It isn’t too small or too big around 300 high school students therefore everyone knows you and you have great relationships with your teachers and easy to get help
This is overall a small school, so everyone in the school knows and cares for each other. The students are great and are accompanied by an amazing staff. In short, I wouldn't want to go to any other school.
There is a popularity thing that goes on and the people that aren't at the top don't get recognized. It is a good academic school though.
Parma is such an amazing school. The teachers really work one on one with you if you are not understand the material. Sports are not as competitive as bigger schools. The community of the school is something that you cannot find anywhere else.
Parma High School has a very strong sense of community. The teachers know students individually and are invested in making their future bright.
This is a great school! They offer lots of classes with and without teachers. Their IDLA program is really good.
I loved PHS. I found encouragement from every teacher and faculty member, and constant love and support. In times of mourning everybody came together, including the community. It's a wonderful place to attend and there's an excellent scholarship opportunity specific to PHS alumni.
The staff and teachers are amazing, they care about their students and expect them to work hard. There's lots of extra-curricular activities and community support.
I liked how it was a small school and not a big population but what I would like to see is a better administration.
At Parma High School, as a student, there are many ways to get involved both academically and club/sport wise. Academically they offer a variety of dual credits, give the option for online courses through IDLA, constantly prepare you for college, and offer assistance if you're struggling. Sports wise they have all the sports. Club wise they have BPA, Leo's Club, FCA, FHLA, and FFA.
Parma High School has been a great experience for me. If I hadn't of moved from Notus, I wouldn't have the opportunities that I do here at Parma. Parma High offers so many different wonderful opportunities that I have never been offered before.
One has to make these after school activities interesting, due to the fact that there isn't many options. Clubs are under looked, while sports gets lots of attention. It gets even worse after a team wins a championship.
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Attending this school was a roller coaster. However, if it wasn't for family and friends it would have been impossible to go through this school system.
These teachers impact the students in many different ways. However, they like to pick favorites or choose certain students for awards. The teachers are very controlled by the principal.
Our school does not have to take high security measures because the community and school's expectations for the students are very high. It would not be hard to bring something we aren't supposed to, but when it does happen, it is caught fairly quickly. Reputation is important to students though, so they typically behave well enough to keep the rumors down.
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