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Parkville Middle School & Center of Technology Reviews

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Parkville Middle School was an amazing 3 years of my life. While the most of the students (mainly standard) can be ignorant and mean, lots of kids are nice and accepting and GT classes feel like a family of kids who want others to succeed. The teachers were very caring for the most part and wanted to see you succeed, and I loved every class. The counselors are amazing and the AVID program is top-notch. The technology here at Parkville is amazing. The lunch room is very crowded and seats are assigned. There are a multitude of clubs and you should join as many as you can because they are awesome, as well as the funded sports programs. I made some of the best friends and am sad to see the end of my time here. While the students aren't always nice and there are a lot of strict rules I quite enjoyed my time here and highly recommend this school.
Parkville Middle was a very diverse community. People from all over the county came to Parkville for its magnet, which I deeply regret not taking. The staff at parkville did whatever they could to make students feel welcome, and they did that perfect. If you are a student that is coming to parkville middle, I strongly encourage you to be active in as many clubs possible and take your work seriously!! Also, students are rowdy and sometimes mean, but it's not parkville that's the issue, it's honestly just middle schoolers being middle schoolers.
PMSCT was overall a very amazing school. For me, I just moved into the area, which made me more nervous about starting middle school than I would have been. However, once I started, it was very easy to make friends. The teachers are always able to help and are willing to use their time outside of school when you need. If I had to go through middle school again, I'd still go to Parkville Middle!
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Its okay not the best school sometimes I don't know why I go here.
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