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I have been at this school for 13 years. Many of my friendships have changed throughout the years, and I have learned many lessons. The investment in students is unbeatable. The teachers are all so loving and interested in the students' lives.
I only attended Parkview senior year of high school and it was pretty good. I was on the dance team and my classes were easy, so I was never really stressed over schoolwork. I also did the school play, which was one of the best things to be a part of.
I have had a great experience at Parkview so far. This is my first year here and at first I was very shy and reserved, but I quickly got over that and found some of the best friends I've ever had. The academics are pretty good, as long as you stay on top of things. There are many extracurricular activities and I highly recommend taking advantage of that. It is a bit expensive but I believe it's worth the price.
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Parkview Baptist is a great school. The teachers are more than just teachers. They care about you as person and also your education. The students in each grade are more than just people we go to school with. The bonds all of the students have with each other is awesome to see. There is always a spirit of encouragement, uplifting, and fun. The sports programs at Parkview are also amazing. The amount of athletes we have who know how to play the game and also give their all to God and their teammates is encouraging. . I would recommend anyone who is looking for a new school, Parkview has a great environment and would definitely welcome any person with a warm welcome!
I like the options of different types of classes such as AP, CP, and Honors and I also like that we can take colleges classes for credit. I would like to see change in the types of teachers, because most of them are very young and not experienced, and being that our parents pay a lot for tuition we should be hiring better teachers and teachers that have more experience.
What I liked about it was that it was fast and easy to finish.What I Didn’t like and would like too see change is if the staff were more hands on with everything & more involved with the students.
Ive been bullied at this school, seen people sell drugs. The administration bullied a transgender student, causing the student to leave parkview. I do NOT recommend this school. Its not lgbt friendly or friendly to any of its students, the teachers are only there for a paycheck.
This school says that they are basic around their religious beliefs but constantly downgrade the students. From a students point of view the teachers encouraged other students to trash talk other kids. I found that the Bible education lacks religious belief and never fully covers a topic.
This school has allowed to grow in my relationship with Christ.This school has given me a wonderful experience and comfort to try new things without fear of being ridiculed. The atmosphere is so safe and I am surrounded by supportive teachers and students.I have been so safe and secure being at this school.
The learning experience at this school is only as good as you make it. It's all about the effort you put in and classes you pick
very informative and involved school with academics and college readiness, teachers are involved with kids building social life
I have been at this school since I was in Kindergarten and have learned a lot about this school. What I have learned is that the staff cares more about the next trophy they win than the academics. I have been constantly bullied at this school and I dread coming here. If you aren't an athlete you get constantly bullied and ignored. I don't recommend coming to this school. It is an extremely hypocritical environment that a kid should never grow up in.
Parkview is not just a school but it is also a community. In the community, people are able to grow together in Christ as well as broaden their horizons. Parkview brings about great opportunities for alumni that you may not receive elsewhere.
Went to school here for 13 years and loved it! Made life long friends and learned so much about academics, myself, and God.
I genuinely enjoyed my time spent at Parkview. Everyone was welcoming, and they were serious about academic preparation for college. Also, the Christian atmosphere was extremely uplifting.
Parkview is a great school. It has great principles and Christian values. The teachers work hard to prepare you for college. I find that the teachers come and go. This is hard sometimes when you are trying to learn.
I love the Christ centered environment. I would like to see more cultural diversity within the staff and students.
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This is a great school that encourages spiritual growth intertwined with rigorous education. I would definitely send my children here to better them for their future.
Parkview Baptist is an all right school. Personally, I have gone to Parkview since kindergarten and now I am an upperclassmen so I have a lot of experience with this school. The academics are below-average to average at best, with a few exceptions in AP and honors classes. They are strong in some science and math classes, but very much lack in the English department. The classes are not challenging and for several years the foreign language department was also lacking. I would suggest that they work on the high school English department, make the school cleaner and a nicer environment to be in, and overall make classes more challenging.
Parkview Baptist absolutely changed my life. I came in as a sophomore, convinced that high school was terrible. But, Parkview showed me that it can be fun! Parkview provided me with many opportunities to serve in the community and enrich myself in the school. I absolutely love Parkview and would recommend it to any family looking for a new school home! It is a bit on the pricey side, but for good reasons, such a technology for the students and sports equipment for the athletes.
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