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Park View Intermediate School Reviews

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The administration is not very welcoming to new students, I feel like they should make an effort with that and be truthful about how classes work. Also, in the sports, I was forced to do a fundraiser against my will, and I had to end up paying for the thing we were selling in order to not get a failing grade. I also did not appreciate the fact that being in a sport was graded, and that if i wanted to do one sport, I had to do all of them just because of the system.
The school provide rentable tablets/netbooks for students to use in their everyday classes.
Students and teachers are incredibly active.
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Every teacher is willing to help a student who has a struggle in their class.
Every students are bond by friendship, reason for having not much of a discrimination issues.
The teachers are unbelievably supportive to the extracurricular activities the school has. In every hard work the students give out during the whole school year, an outing is provided if they wish to join.
Faculty and staff are industrious and does everything they can in order for the student(s) to succeed.
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