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Park View has a very tight, diverse community full of teachers and staff that are willing to help you on a test or a class and they many school events for every student.
Overall, Park View is a great school. The school spirit of the students, teachers, and staff is like no other. The environment is very accepting and there is always someone who can help you with your needs. Most of the teachers are excellent and are more than willing to create friendly relationships and class room interactions for the students. Most of the students are easy to get along with and befriend.
Park View has a diverse population of students, which makes for a culturally rich experience. The teachers and administrators are very invested in the academic success of all students.
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what I liked the most is the pep rallies. If a student does not speak english the teachers try to help them in any way possible. My school is like no other because we don't leave anyone out.
Parkview was a very diverse school. I still talk to my friends from parkview today and the teachers as well as my counselors are super caring. My counselor was extremely helpful during my college process and was one of the best counselors I have ever had. I had moved to parkview during my junior year and the atmosphere was so different compared to other schools. I loved it here and will always be proud to say i’m a patriot.
Park View High School is unlike any other school in Loudoun County. The diversity here allows all students to feel included and welcome. We have tons of school spirit because we know that everyone else in the county looks down at our school because many of us aren't as wealthy as others in our county.
Park View High School is a school about community. We are the only Title 1 School in our Loudoun County. This means a large majority of students have free and reduced lunch, come from low income families, or other financial challenges. Even though we all had our difficulties, this school taught us about resilience against those challenges. PVHS has clubs to create families so when we are struggling we have a place to go. The princple makes a great deal on turning to postivity when there seems to be a lack of it. Every student there faced hardships which create a strong bond between students. The school is also very diverse. PVHS has people of all backgrounds, religions, sexualites. Everyone is accepted here. When I went to Park View, I felt like I could escape the homophobia at my home. I belonged to my drama club, choir, etc. It's beautiful being a Park View Patriot.
I have been going to this school since I was a freshman. Some if the teachers are really nice and are good with helping with class work.
I would not want to attend any other high school. Though our sports may not stand out and be as good as others it is still a fun community to be involved with. It is for sure a family atmosphere we are all in it together. Also our pep rallies are better than any other school I think. We have so much spirit and love for our school.
I would like to see more school spirit which would maybe deter some of the kids from other negative activities. In Valerie's junior year one of her classmates jumped her and she was suspended for fighting back. When Valerie came home that day after her altercation, all she said to me as tears streamed down her face was “Mom I just want to go to College and make something of myself”. Valerie immediately took ownership and had never gotten into a fight before and regretted that this happened. She is extremely passionate about her school work and getting good grades and she has a 3.9 GPA. We were able to sit down with the administration who had nothing but positive things to say and she was allowed to return to school. Valerie has had to work hard for everything she has in life and does not take anything for granted. She works 2 jobs to help pay for her travel soccer dues. She just recently was offered a spot on the VCU soccer team which she has been working for 14 yrs for!
Park View High has been a place where all people are accepted no matter what their circumstance. In Park View, I have been able to express myself for who I am and I've been able to grow. Most recently, I lost my best friend through a big argument and she refuses to talk to me now, but others have supported me and now I have new friends. I still consider my "ex-best friend" my best friend, because I know what we have been through together.
Park View is a school with a very welcoming and friendly student body, never did I feel ostracized or outcasted in my four years at park view
What I love about Park View High School was they were always on top of you, making sure you are on track to finishing High school. While making sure you have a path in the future.
My experience in park view high school has been a great one. They are very accommodating and welcoming people. The staffs always tried their best to see that everything based on academic career of all students paved through.
Park View High School is an amazing school full of fantastic, inspiring role models dedicated to the education of their students. This school offers an environment that breeds success not only academically , but socially especially.
I loved how Park View is an all-inclusive diverse community. Throughout my four years, I learned many things and the teachers were always there to help. I would never choose any other high school to go to besides this one.
Teachers made it worth it and the ones who cared help me prepare for my journey away from home to college. Difficult but at the same time worth the four years spent there.
Overall pretty good experience in terms of academics and extracurricular activities. Had some amazing teachers and coaches who challenged me academically and physically to be the best I could be and prepare me for my next step in my education. The only aspect of Park View in my opinion that i would change would be the opportunities of classes that I could enroll in for math, science and technology that goes beyond STEM.
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I am privilege that I am part of the patriots that are in park View. Park View has taught me a lot. It's like coming to your family and spending times with your friends. The teachers in Park View are so friendly.
This school is so amazing and I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a student there. We are such a diverse school with so many talents, it blows my mind. The famous actress, Hilarie Burton, graduates from Park View in 2000 and has graciously come back to help support us with her program, Project Patriot. At Park View, there are tons of clubs, sports, and organizations to pick from. Our principal is the best in the business and I love what he has done for our school. This school was named the Honor (Model) School last year which I was happy to be apart of. I love Park View and it will be very sad to leave in the coming year.
I loved Park View! It meant so much to me! Park View was a fantastic place for me to grow as a person and student. I learned so many lessons at Park View that have helped me thrive in the real world.
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