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Both of my years here were phenomenal!!!! I had awesome teachers, and an amazing experience. I loved how there were accelerated and “Honors” classes here, so I was able to challenge myself and be in classes with other kids who cared about their grades. The diversity is alright here, but it’s predominantly white. There are a lot of clubs and sports here as well, and I was involved in art club and service club in seventh grade, and I only did service club in eighth (because my favorite art teacher retired)
I really liked my time at PJHS. I thought they did a great job preparing me for high school, and I had a very easy time transitioning to my high school because of Park. I had a lot of great friends and overall did enjoy it. I will say that my only downside with Park is that there are not that many clubs, and they should maybe add some more, however most don’t really have a problem with meeting new people, but I would still strongly suggest to join a club. I also noticed a lot of the teachers were very kind and helpful, however there are some that are definitely burnt out and don’t care about your grades. A good handful of the teachers were pretty strict and not as fun as most, and I think they need to remember that it is a very difficult and awkward age for the kids to go through. But overall, I learned a lot and enjoyed my student life there as well!
Park Jr. High was a great school that prepared its students very well for High School. The clubs were excellent and the teachers were all great at educating their students. I overall had a wonderful experience attending this middle school.
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I love this school so much. It is my first year and I am a 7th grader. This school is fantastic and knows how to set limits to what the students can and cannot do. I love this school. There is no place I'd rather be than here. It's really safe, students always show a smile and teachers are just amazing.
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