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During my short time at Park Highschool, I have had an overall positive experience. There are many class choices that appeal to a wide variety of people. Some of the elective classes that I enjoy, are the band program, the language classes, and the computer business classes. There are some aspects of the school that they could improve on, by they I am referring to the faculty and the students because it is both their school. There could also be more parental involvement and diversity of students. At school, there are clubs for the parents to help contribute to the learning experience of the children, but only a few of the parents gain awareness of the club. Involving the diversity issue, there is not a lot that the school can do, since I live in rural Montana where the majority of people are white.
I'd like to see more diversity, but that's hard in rural Montana. I'd also like to see more attention given to the mental health in students. And instead of punishing students so severely for vaping, etc., actually help them out of their bad habits.
I think it has been a good school, it has its issues but all together I am happy with my experience.
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This school community is prone to suicides. What is it about the Livingston School District that this terrible phenomenon is so common here?
I came here from another school and in comparison Park is excellent. The staff cares and puts effort into each student. The teachers push the students to work hard, and they are willing to stay after school to chat and offer extra help. A lot of the students here don't know what they have. If schools were like this across the country, we'd have a very well educated and highly motivated population.
Park High School is a school where bullies are awarded for their behaviors, drop outs are the normal ones, and suicide or suicidal thought occur as much as sleeping does. The teachers care a lot, but there is nothing they can do either at this point. The school is losing funding due to the mass loss of students. Classes barely do work, skipping isn't noticed, and people smoke 24/7 in bathrooms and classrooms. I wish I didn't have to spend four years there, and I hope future generations never have to suffer through the school system in place in the small town of Livingston, Montana.
I was able to create a strong curriculum with the growing number of AP classes and online classes so that I felt challenged and prepared for college level courses. There are many activities and sports that are offered and I made the best of every one I could fit into my schedule
Park has a great selection of classes to take, and many of the teachers are wonderful. They keep class interesting, while still giving us the necessary tools to succeed. While some of the sports programs need some help with coaches, overall it was a very nice experience. It was just big enough that you could choose who you want to hang out with, but small enough that everyone knows eachother, at least by name.
A lovely school, all the teachers care and much change has come in the past years to improve our school for the better.
Park High School in Livingston is a great school in terms of its educational opportunities, but lacks the resources to help kids preform class projects of quality. This school has amazing teachers who love to help their students however possibly can.
What you put into this school and you education is what you will get out of it. Ambition and curiosity are essential characteristics that will lead you to a positive experience, no matter what happens around you.
Awful School

The teachers at this school for the most part, however there's blatant feminism in the school and among some of the teachers as well as a complete disregard for student complaints unless they threaten to drop out.
The school itself, in reference to the building is newly renovated and easy to navigate. The staff has its issues involving teachers and others. Communication between the students and staff is not good and there have been many issues in the past.
I appreciated the smaller classes and the sense of community found in all school events. The talent of the theatre and choir was especially wonderful and the teachers were decent at their jobs and for the most part felt liked they cared, which was good, cause the guidance office was always so overwhelmed you could never get in to see them unless you are ready to throw yourself off a cliff. Good luck finding help for scholarships or college advice, you won't find it there. On the other hand, the food is edible, the people aren't awful, and the options for extra curricular activities is wide. Overall, good experience.
I personally felt that PHS was a good school. The lunches were great, and we alays had multiple options. The teachers were understanding (most times), and the material was challenging. Of course, our athletics need an improvement. Most of the coaches aren't qualified to train the athletes, or they don't understand the physical strain they are putting on their athletes bodies with some of their demands.
Park High gas many engaged staff members and normally strives to hear the voices of students, even going as far as having student ran assemblies. When dealing with emergencies the district has employed a team of counselors to help students with deaths. There is also a homework program available for any student seeking peer tutoring. However, there is a lack of AP classes (4 total). In addition, many students seem to lack proper motivation and until 2016-2017 were not given any attention or special time in completing such work. There is also, as there is in any high school, some drug problems and behavioural issues which are not handled sufficiently.
This school was great because there were a lot of Ag Ed classes for all years of school. Also, the music programs are pretty great. They really encourage talents in not only sports but music and theatre and debate.
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I never doubted that I would learn something new heading into a class. Teachers were polite and respectful to everyone.
I would definitely go to this school again. I am confident in the knowledge I have acquired, and I feel that the involvement of the faculty and parents have prepared me for the future. This school does not hold the feeling that most television shows stereotype high schools as. The students are very supportive of each other, and school is not a bad place to be.
In general, the teachers at Park High are good at their jobs. Most of them find interesting and engaging ways to teach students. Almost all of the teachers prove the knowledge of their subjects by going beyond the required knowledge found in school books. Many teachers are involved in various student activities, which shows their interest in students. They easily communicate with students, parents, and other faculty members. Grading is generally consistent. Most teachers coordinate grading systems within their specific departments.
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