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The teachers are amazing, but kids think they can get away with anything. Sports are the main focus so everything else isn't cared about by administration.
I have enjoyed my time here at Park City, the teachers are always kind and willing to help the students as much as possible. Although we have been crowded for a few years now we keep learning and advancing in the ways that we can. There are two things I would like to see changed and that is the building size and turnover of teachers. There isn't enough space in the building for all the students and the building is old and worn out. The turnover of teachers happens too often and too easily for administration, teachers are here for a year then they leave and the students suffer from this inconsistency.
Park City allows for diversity even for a small town and we are able to meet a lot of new people from other towns due to extracurricular activities. There is always community service being done and the school is very close to many citizens of the town. The one thing that Park City has a hard time with is keeping teachers for more than 1 or 2 years. They all seem to leave or get fired before the students are better able to connect with them.
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I liked how small the class sizes are but, the school is old and needs to be upgraded. The gymnasium is very small and becomes very crowded during basketball games. The classrooms are all traditional-style with no unique aspects. The demographics of the student and staff body lacks diversity.
lots of peer pressure, acceptance is little, extremely dislike for gays
the teachers usually were good in class but hard to get a hold of after class.
Most of the teachers at this school are awesome to be around. Others treat us like we are two years old and its getting annoying.
it could be better. there are students who bring in drugs, porn, knives, and fireworks
there are not many choices exp for sports
Many parents think that their kids are perfect and don't discipline them and then get mad at teachers when the kid gets in trouble.
Bullying is usually ignored by many of the teachers.
The physical condition of Park City High School is very poor, for it is very old. The one thing that around out at my school is the te aches most of them do a great job of motivating and keeping students on track. They also keep in touch wit students and make learning fun.
Park City's Guidance counselor is terrible at getting students the informArion they need. Our technology is also fairly poor and we lack some college prep resources. We do however have a program at lunch that offers students help with their atudies.
Park City High Scool does not do much when it comes to preparing their students for the real world. We have hosted a job fair and we have practiced getting interviewed.
Park City High School is a small school and almost everybody is excepted by everybody and of not they are still treated fairly well. Our racial diversity and any diversity for that matter is very low.
Park City High School had a decent athletics department for a class C school. The most popular sport here is basketball and the equipment provided is fairly nice. Our track is not the best and could use a lot of work. Most coaches are sincire but some take it to far and are mean to student athletes.
Most of the teachers at Park City High School put a lot of work into their lesson planning and their teaching, there are only a few who don't. Have a young staff, our teachers are better at making learning fun and being able to relate to students. All of Park City's teachers are interested in the students and their opinions.
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At Park City High School we have a very involved principal but our guidance counselor is very uninvolved. We have very friendly office staff and sone what strong policies on bullying. Our dress code is reasonable, but the rules sometimes bend for certain students depending on who they are. A negative thing about attendance at our school, is that if you're tardy you automatically are absent for that class.
Extracurricular are probably some of the more fun and enjoyable activities students get to experience during their high school careers. The athletic department and FFA is fantastic!
Wish there would've been a variety of sports
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