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Park Center International Baccalaureate World School Reviews

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I have gone to Park Center Senior High since I was a freshman and I am going into my senior year. The staff there is so friendly and is always pushing you to do your best. It,s not just the teachers, either. The office staff, all of the coaches, and the counseling staff are all wonderful, just to name a few. I will be sad to leave Park Center this spring but I am looking forward to continuing my education in the fall.
My experience at Park Center Senior High is a good experience because of how much diversity our school has and a lot of support from students and teachers.
During my time at Park Center I have seen many highs and lows. This year I am going into my senior year and I have noticed the amazing diversity and the really caring and supportive teachers. However, I have noticed that there is a ton of violence among students, which includes fights all the time. Overall, my experience has been pretty average for the typical student there, but you will definitely make memories that will last you a lifetime.
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Overall, I feel that Park Center is a very good school with excellent teachers that are slightly dragged down by the small lack of college readiness and students who come to the school only to hang out with their friends. Being in this school for 3 and soon to be 4 years, I can say without a doubt that the teachers here are great at teaching and caring for their students. Though some of the lessons taught are a bit too easy, they're satisfactory enough to prepare students for adulthood. Another good positive about this school is that its extremely diverse, with majority of the students here coming from origins other than white/American.
It was a good experience but the diversity with the teachers needs to increase. Also there are a good amount of teachers with racial bias and that should change.
Park Center Senior High School is a very diverse school. The staff and students are friendly and the environment is good. The food here is also great. There are a vast majority of after school clubs, activities, and student/parent involvement events as well. Educational and career opportunities are always provided by the Career Resource Center through student emails and the schoology app.
I liked how diverse the school is and there were a lot of clubs for people to part take in. People are friendly there and you meet people shares the same interest as you. I believe that when you find the right friend group, everything will be fun in high school. The food over there were alright, they weren't the best nor the worst, but it could be better. The teachers there are helpful and they want students to thrive. They do a lot of reinforcing to keep students on track which is very good. We have a college center where we have college reps, scholarships information, and career panels to help students decide what they want to do with their life. Overall, there is a lot of good stuff that helps student with their education.
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Park Center is the best school. I feel like I belong. it's so diverse and everybody fits in. I planned on sending my children there in the future if it stays the same. The teachers are helpful, there're great resources for the students to use. it's just amazing.
What I really like about Park Center are the staff and teachers because they help make the school become a better and safer place. The teachers that I've had always push me to my limit and they encourage me to follow my dreams. I really like that it is also an IB school that helped me challenge myself in ways I never could. This school has taught me to be a better student and have my work harder. The school has helped with the work ethic you will need in college. I really think that people should give this school a chance because we've had a bad reputation but I believe that if you look not just at the students but the whole school it's self it's a great school. Yes, the school isn't perfect but neither is any other school. I really don't think I would've wanted to go to a different high school. I feel like Park Center was the right place for me.
Something I love about my school is that Park Center is extremely diverse. As an immigrant I think that it is important to be around not only people who look just like me but to be in an environment where multiple cultures can relate to one issue which is discrimination.
There was diversity all around the school and many mix of culture. Though the school does have a bad reputation, there is many mixes of culture and stories that help blend the community together.
Park Center Senior High is a great public school to go to. The diversity is tremendous, it is a boiling pot of a variety of different cultures. The environment at Park Center is welcoming, every culture is respected and welcomed with open arms. Park Center has had a bad rap over the past couple of years due to events that occur, such as fights, but in a building full of teenagers, it is not unlikely. However, even with the bad rap of Park Center, it is one of the many places to feel like you belong. Pirate Pride is also prominent and as students age, they become and strive for greatness after high school. Park Center has D1 athletes and more than the majority of the senior class attending college in the fall. All in all, Park Center is a great school to grow and discover one's self all while gaining an education.
At Park Center I really like how diverse our student body is. It creates an enriching environment for people to learn in. The teachers all care about their students and want the best for each and every one of them.
I'm extremely happy I chose Park Center High School. That was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The teachers there listen to their students, if you're ever confused, or you just need someone to talk to, Park Center's staffing does a great job with that. I did the PSEO program, and my counselor did everything in her ability to make sure I had enough credits to graduate, and she made sure I was taking the correct classes that would count for college as well as high school.
The curriculum taught at every grade level is one of the best in the state. Students will be challenged in a good way. The classwork assigned is created to expand our knowledge, whether it's about mathematics or real life situations.
Everything about this school is made to see their students strive.
This school is the school for you if you want to be challenged, have fun, and feel comfortable in the environment you're in.
I am a senior at Park Center this year (2019-2020). I like the teachers, they all want you to do your best. The school has many opportunities to take different classes. There is also many different things after school. Like sports and many clubs.
I was a student athlete all the staff were very flexible with me having to leave early for games sometimes as well as helping me when I needed it. The people that work there are very kind and care about the students. They set great boundaries and for the most part the students and the staff respect each other.
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I liked Park Center because it was a very diverse community to learn in. I am surrounded by so many people from different backgrounds and history, everyone is unique. The teachers I had were wonderful and challenging at the same time. They made me challenge my previous knowledge and make room for more. Getting into the process of college was easier than I thought, there's so many different sources that'll help you get into the right college for you.
I loved all of my AP, IB, and PLTW teachers, and I would recommend everyone who wants to challenge themselves to take these types of classes. I would have liked the student body to have more school spirit and the rest of the staff to be more involved with the school.
I like the open doors of teachers, being able to go and get help from teachers help my excel as a student.
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