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Parishville-Hopkinton Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Parishville is a smaller school with a lot of great opportunities. It's a friendly and helpful environment with staff and teachers available to help with any issue or problems that occur. I love that it's a smaller school. It is easier to know everyone and make good connections with the staff members and other students.
Parishville-Hopkinton Central School is a small school containing k-12 in one building but, that doesn't affect its high grade averages. This school has a small diversity but is still great. Throughout high school you have many hands on learning experiences and personal help from you're teachers. No matter whether you go to a teacher or the guidance counselors you will receive the help you need. The involvement from the town and its residents have a huge impact on the schools success.
Small school that focuses on education first, sports and extras second. Good education with teachers who care for the most part. Current administration is good, likes to keep students on track and is willing to put forth the effort to get them there. Same kind of student issues as other schools, elite students with attitude and poor kids who have to defend themselves.they do not have a large sports program but are proud of what they do, students enjoy what is there. Cafeteria is adequate.
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Physical bullying isn't a problem, but there is a lot of emotional bullying, and it is never reported. Bullies who get caught do not receive harsh enough punishments.
I enjoy the musical department at this school. I'm in theater, chorus, and band. However, a lot of people just take these for credit, and aren't really interested. There isn't a wide variety of clubs, either.
I have met a lot of great people at this school. The teachers are awesome. My only problems are that it is difficult to get away from students who are unkind, because all the same people are in your classes, and that there are not many opportunities such as clubs or advanced classes.
The teachers have very engaging teaching styles. They pay attention to what the students are interested in and make learning enjoyable.
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