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I have just finished my seventh year teaching at Paramount Academy. As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and here you know that every staff member will be part of that village for every child on campus, regardless of whose classroom they reside in. I enjoy watching the older students taking care of the younger ones and the sense of community and family around campus.
I have been a teacher at Paramount for 4 years. I enjoy working here. There is an atmosphere that promotes healthy learning. The class sizes are super for understanding and promoting growth in our students.
Im so thankful this year is over. As a parent and not a staff member I can tell you that this school has been a horrible experience for me and my kids. We are moving on and never looking back. Farewell Paramount Academy.
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As a teacher, I have appreciated the atmosphere of this school. The teachers here relentlessly work to make sure students are successful academically and socially. Students are taught to show kindness and compassion toward one another and really look out for one another. Parents chose Paramount because we offer students the opportunity to be creative. We also offer many extra-curricular activities and clubs.
I've worked at Paramount Academy since February and absolutely love it. I am a Middle school teacher here and as teachers, we are able and encouraged to supplement the curriculum by creating a fun and unique learning environment. The staff is very caring and supportive, as are the students.
I have been a teacher with Paramount Academy for three years and will be retiring at the end of this year, due to health concerns. I have such mixed emotions. I will miss the students, their families, a wonderful team of teachers who have such a love for teaching and who care so much for the students, and the feeling of being part of a great community of leaders and learners. The staff and the families at Paramount have been very supportive of me both as a teacher and personally. Thank you Paramount, for three great years!
I love how unique each teacher at Paramount is. They each bring their creativity, life experiences and passions to supplement the curriculum. They truly care about students and their learning. Paramount Academy strives to create a safe environment and are consistent in following their procedures. The students support and encourage one another. If any issues arise they are quick to find a solution. In conclusion,
I absolutely love working at Paramount Academy and highly recommend it.
Both of my sons have attended Paramount Academy. My oldest is now in High School and doing outstanding while my youngest continues at the school. I could not be happier with their progress compared to the other schools that my boys attended prior to coming to Paramount Academy. The teachers have all been amazing and each has helped my boys grow each and every year.
My daughter started in Kindergarten at Paramount Academy and is now a Freshman at a University. She had amazing teachers along the way that taught her to study hard and work for what she wanted; as did I. The staff was always supportive through the good times and struggles of being a kid. She graduated from Paramount in the top 5 of her class. My daughter was guided by caring dedicated teachers and that has been instilled in her for the rest of her life. I can not thank them enough for everything over her 9 years of attending (K-8th grade). Teachers still ask how she is doing and how her College is going, that is because they care. Thank you Paramount Academy
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